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Hello guys!
Despite beeing busy with my school (yup again T_T *sob* ) I could not and didn't want miss opportunity to write this post.
I would like to write about Toma's upcoming movie and his visit to Berlin, because I think no one in fandom makes any action to write/talk about it (which is kinda sad :/ ). I will try keep it short and brief. (but
WARNING little bit fangirling included XD)
jaaa hajimemashou!

About the new movie
As you might know Toma's newest movie will hit cinemas on 25th february this year. The name of the movie is Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa (When they knit seriously/ Close knit in english).
He plays Rinko, a transgender woman. "She" works as a nurse in elderly house. Rinko's boyfriend Makio(Kiritani Kenta) has sister who left her daughter Tomo. Makio decides to take care of Tomo together with Rinko. (that is all I know so far hehe)

*you can watch trailer and read more info here http://asianwiki.com/Close-Knit or here http://kareamu.com/

My thoughts/opinion about the movie...

I dont want to exaggerate, BUT I have strong feeling this movie will be soooo awesome and perfect!!!
I remember when I first read the news I was like eeeeeh? yadaaaa :P Toma? transgender? that is horrible :P Actually I was afraid that it will be again some perv comedy :P, gosh I am sooo happy I was mistaken XD).
Now when I think about the movie I am sooo proud of Tomacchi!!!
But to be honest, I dont think many people understand the weight of this movie...
Firstly it is the first japanese movie about this topic and Toma is first japanese actor and Johnny's ever who portrayed a transgender (ok you can see men dressed up as women for fun in some jdramas, but this time it is serious! Correct me if I am mistaken...). What is more the director is a woman which is not so common too.
Secondly, it is big challenge and chance too to show everybody his talent as an actor, who can portray even this "complicated" kind of roles. I am reaaally rooting for him and I am so proud of him that he worked so hard and is not afraid to portray this difficult role!!! I saw trailer and I am not disgusted or anything. Actually it made me even more excited to finally watch it. It looks to be very emotional, sweet, bittersweet story. Really cant waiit!!

Look.. this is Toma as Rinko ♥♥♥ he is soooo damn beautiful isn't he? T_T  
                                                                            and here is the poster

Toma in Berlin:
And why I am talking about this movie? Because it is becoming more and more popular and it got an award at 67th Berlin International Film festival!!!! Yup TOMA WENT TO BERLIIIIIN!!! ( yeeeaaah ONLY 677 km from meeee T_T  ) Of course I am soooo proud, hyper and exicited and soo happy for him but, damn what makes me sad is that it was his 3th time beeing in Europe and I still could not meet him :P
But I wont rant about my little depression about not being able to go to Berlin, but I want share this photos with youuu. (they are NOT mine! cr. to owner on watermark)


 He is such ikemen♥ I love his suit! :3               With Kiritani Kenta, director Naoko Ogigami and Rinka Kakihara-chan
                        (I like Rinka's dress, they are lovely)

why so hot Tomaaa!!!♥

boys will be always boys hehe
(Toma sure enjoyed his time with Kenta. They are good friends since Osozoki drama)

As you can see Toma was again very kakkoii and manly. The suit he wore was kinda nontraditional but I liked it. And his hair are again dark and loooong (which reminds me his hairstyle in 2012 hehe). Well he is (cute) ikemen as always. ♥

and the lucky fans got to see him this close and got his sing ♥

and his angelic smile ♥ Toma why you must be sooo perfect!? *sob*

I saw some parts from autographing and he looked a bit tired but happy. It might be only me but I dont think there were only his fans...Some people did not look excited or happy to see him...Just waving paper in front of him to get his sign. I find it kinda "rude"...(idk it is just my opinon XD hehe. If I was there I would be polite and not pushy.)
But I saw him taking selfie and then embarrassing hiding his phone to his pocket hehe.
And he even took selfie with 2 fans they were European or American)
But anyhow I am happy for him to attend such event! This movie really deserved that award. I would say that whole festival was successful :)

and there are some pics from movie♥♥♥

He is even more feminine than some women! Flaweless and elegant and so beautiful ♥ Gosh I am sooo excited to watch this movie :3
Toma said he thought he will have "father" role soon, but got "mother" role instead. And that he hated bras (lol Toma we women can understand XD) and that he respects women more! (isn't he sweet? ♥)
Go Rinko-chan ehm Tomaaaa gooo and show all the haters how you can nail it!!!!

So minnaaaaa... Did you enjoy this article? and pic spam? What do you think about this kind of movie? Or did you see Toma in Berlin? Let me know your thoughts :D
Comments are always appreciated and I love to read them (and reply to them)  ♥

before I say "sayonara"  I have little BONUS for you ... TOMA SPOKE ENGLISH!!!
Yup he spoke english! And know what? He is so damn perfect!!! (I dont mind if he memorised it, he did great.) And his pronuncation (despite him being  japanese) was nearly perfect!!! I am sooo happy he gained courage to speak in english!! ♥He got applause and hearts of foreigners were his hehe :3

It was refreshing for me to be again active just a bit in Toma fandom after long time. I hope you enjoyed this article and see you soon guys! Let's wait for some Toma news and releases of DVDs of his new films! ♥ Byeee ♥

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