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Toma is king of cuteness and his gestures and peace signs are always kawaii :3 :3 :3

collage is mine!

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Ah yattaa!!! I am finally done with this video XD Hope you guys will like dancing cute Toma!!! He sure is versatile talented and he dances well (ok not all the time :P ) (Shit!! Somebody pweeease finally explain me how 31 years old man can be so damn CUTEEE and ADORKABLEEE af!!! )

Video is MINE!!! (but I do NOT own orignal tv shows/dramas and Toma :P
visit my tumblr for more https://www.tumblr.com/blog/tomatoliciousheya)

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Toma and singing/music…Every Tomaniac knows bittersweet feeling when it comes to this topic. Why? Because everybody knows how Toma had to stop singing (or better said he lost interest in singing T_T)  and I totally understand why he does not want be singer anymore and just focus at acting!! Hatters gonna hate but TOMA REALLY KNOWS HOW TO SING!!! (and he sing hell damn very well, for me his voice is more better than Pi’s ok gonna kill me :P) For me this performance in Domoto Kyodai is legendary!!! It was my first Toma’s singing vid I have saw and later I realised how much courage he had to take to sing after 7 or 8 years. Later I compared old vids when he sang and this perform in Domoto and realised sad thing (for me)…Toma enjoyed singing and was more lively in old vids but now in Domoto he sure sang well,but he was so focused on every tone and just to everything be perfect…no joy… But I am happy he loves to sing in theathres where he feels like at home.

Toma, please for your fans never stop singing in your musicals and stage plays! We love you and dont care about haters anymore!! You proved for whole JE agency how versatile artist you are and you created your “own name”!! I am so proud of you!! :3 :3 :3

if you are interested in video from show douzo :3  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dqmjh8WRI0
(vid is NOT mine)

Btw the collage is (my work) from Domoto Kyodai where Toma performed Kanashimi no hateni cover
If you want song, go there (https://a.tumblr.com/tumblr_oe0ujqf7o51ua2xgho1.mp3)

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I think I don’t need to explain why is Ikuta so damn hot and perfect in Kimono!!! Enjoy Iku-perfection :3 :3

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To be honest this is only pic of Toma with car I have (and I saw) XD. I think he can drives because in one show he mentioned he was thinking about buying a car, but he decided not to because there is no space for parking near his apartment :P I would love to see him in some stylish car more often tho XD

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(prepare yourself I will rant a loot :P)

Toma is extremely lovable and nice person so it is not suprising a lot of people want be close to him. But as he said he considers just 3 people as his best friends-Shun, Jun and Yamapi :3 (ofc I he also said he has good friends with non-celebrities too) and he truly cherish them.

As Tomarashian any Toma’s interaction with Arashi is making me fangirl like crazy. XD I really love how Toma changes mood in Arashi’s bangumis. (I love DoS Jun towards Tomacchi XD ) I know it must be difficult for young Tomacchi when Arashi debuted, and how much he was hurted but I love to seeing him satisfied and happy as he is now :) I adore how he see Arashi as senpais-friends and wants support them.

Shun was the 1st person I get to know as Toma’s friend. Hana Kimi is unforgetable for me (and so is Ouroboros) :3 These two are perfect example that even person you dont like at firs glance can become your best friend :) They are so close that Toma cares (sometimes) about Shun’s daughter.

Unfortunatelly I was not fan during Tomapi or 4TOPS/3TOPS era. But I really do think Toma cares a lot about Pi. He treasures him a lot even they do not appear together on TV. They still support each other. It would be nice if they colaborated again somewhere tho :)

What I admire about Toma. he loves his lil-bro Ryuusei a lot and has very good relationship with him (omg what is more perfect than Ikuta bros? Ikuta bros togetheeeer!!) Toma, even he is busy always finds time for  with him and for his little niece :3 :3 :3

Sorry for loong post :P at least enjoy my collage :3 (you can let me know who do you like to see Toma with :) )

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Actually in my own vocabulary Toma is synonym of the word “cute” (or sexy cool cute XD) . Yeah I am biased (so biased) but everything he does I cant help but kyaaaing over him!!!  He is the most adorable man in this world!!! Love him :3 ♥ :3  ♥ :3 Toma please continue to kill me with all that dorky, funny and kawaii actions of yours…
:3 *  :3 *  :3  * :3 * :3

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Personally I think Toma needs to wear them, but he uses contact lenses. Toma is just so georgeos in everything he wears and glasses make him even more atractive (to me). Ah how I hate people who looks good in glasses :P

Oct. 8th, 2016 09:03 pm


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Toma was on lot of fanmeetings, but this one was so precious. Why? He went to Italy for International movie festival in Roma. His movie Mole Song was nominated and fans could met Toma and watch movie in same cinema together. Lucky fans who met him T__T (aaaw it is so painful to look at this amazing photos, handshakings pics, fan cams and his autographs T_T ) Even it really was exhausting look how awesome, perfect and professional he looked…

(aaaaah soooo jealous of that girls TT_TT Kill meee plz!!! *gonna hide in my room and silently cry*)
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I loooove dogs! So I just can’t get over cute doggies with  same cute Toma!! :3 :3  :3 Toma is sure dog person. As you can know he has girl dog of toy poodle named JAM-chan. He said she is jealous of Toma and she likes people more than dogs XD here are her pics…

collage is mine!!   cr.for Jam-chan’s pics on watermark
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What is more sexy than Ikuta? Just Ikuta with messy hair XD

my collage!!
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Toma has unique and huge eyes…and he uses them very well to seduce me XD while acting or simply in real life (his mood and emotions can be easily read from them). No lot of (japanese) actors has such power in eyes. This is definitelly my fav photo of his eyes, stare or just his face expression. His stare can be very gentle and sweet but most of the time he can kill with that sexy flirty eyes :P. Anytime I look at this pic I smile and I feel very calm and delighted  :3 :3  :3

that stares...so much feels :3 :3 :3

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Toma said he can sleep anytime, anywhere. It is pity I did not see his REALLY sleeping pics :P (I bet he still looks so sweet and sexy XD)here are pics from mags :3 :3

Oct. 8th, 2016 01:58 pm


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Have you ever seen something more adorkable as Ikuta Toma? No? Then Ikuta and food is what you need to see…Because Ikuta+ Ikuta endless cuteness+good food= endleeees RABUUU :3 :3

(shit I can’t get enough of this gif :P :P Is it just me or it is damn sexy-cuteee?? God bless the one who made that gif!!! here is where I got it from http://mashitoma.blogspot.sk/2012/04/ikuta-toma-nonno-0308-translations.html )

aaand Toma is really food lover, see here (thanks my very best friend for sharing some eating Toma pics :3 :3 ) just collage is mine!!!

Oct. 8th, 2016 11:49 am


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This video is so precious and beautiful to me. It was taken from Ningen shikaku premiere. For Toma it was very important moment in his career ( it was his 1st movie). I love he is so humble and he does not take his work for granted, and was not afraid to show us his emotions. I am so proud of him that he showed us his tears full of happiness, joy and thanks. Toma you deserves  be more apreciated.

Thank you for your hard work :3 :3 :3

(video is NOT mine, many thanks to admin of  @ikutatomathaifans who was so sweet to share this video in good quality with me:3 :3 )

and here are my fav Toma’s "crying scenes" from dramas (Hana Kimi, VOICE, Hanamizuki, Maou, OUROBOROS)

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Winking make Toma even more kawaii!!! (Oh I really can’t resist this Ikumonster :P )

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I enjoyed searching for Toma smiling photos. For me his smile is most charming, most cute, most sexy most beautiful smile in the world. It is said that everybody has one celebrity who make your day better, for me it is smiling Ikuta, or just Ikuta :3 :3 :3

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Toma does not have a lot of selfies (ofc he is Johnny’s so it is reasonable :P ) but I have find this one long time ago by coincidence. It is Toma from Maou shooting time… even on selfie he is still so original :3 I would love to see more of his private photos at some blog but rules are rules :P It is pity that  “ Ikuta Toma no Ikita Kotoba” ended to be in Wink up mag :P look how amazing  they were…

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Omg omg so difficult 1st taaaaask XD how can I choose from zilion of my beloved Toma’s pics? nah after 4 hours selecting here is result. and I wish I could add more :P
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