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toma_nian98: (Default)

This challenge suddenly appeared in Arashi fandom. When one of my friends (on fb) tagged me to do this challenge I decided to accept it. I just had to answer these 18 questions because Arashi are turning 18 ( as me XD ) this year 😊 I am sharing my answers here as well... Jaaaa hajimemashouuuu  😃


*1.Which year did you became an Arashian?
= end of 2014/ start of 2015

*2. Which member baited you and how?
=Oh-chan. :3 I watched Maou and fell in love with Truth song ♥ I became interested who sing that beautiful song and found Arashi.

*3. Who is your ichiban when you started?
= aaah yadaaaa... I dont like that “ichiban” thing at all. I love ‘em all, demo Ohno-kun will always be little bit more special cos he brought me to fandom.
& if you changed, Who is your Ichiban now?
=ehm as I said all of them XD

*4. What was your first concert when you became a fan?
=My very first con was Hawaii blast (20015) ♥ and I am so glad it was this special con. I could see all the love, strong friendship, hard work and emotions which connects Arashi.

*5. Emoticon your Arashi rank?
= 🌈 ( I love them equally :3 that’s why I used “rainbow”)

*6. Your first Arashi official merchandise?
= Fukkatsu love LE CD ♥♥♥

*7. Fave Concert (the one you keep on repeat mode) ?
= Love, 5x10, Digi, Japonism, Hawaii Blast (I simply can’t choose just 1 )

*8. Fave Song (group) from your favorite concert?
 = Japonism-  BOKURA GA TSUNAIDEIKU                                                =5x10- 5x10                                                                              =Love- Ai wo utaou                                                                                      =Popcorn- refrain, facedown

Oh yeah, A RA SHI, PARADOX? Troublemaker  in every con XD

*9. Give me your FAVORITE QUOTE FROM A SONG & WHO SAID IT that has help you and has been your source of strength?

aaah so difficult to choose :P

“Smile again, thank you
Smile again, we were born while crying
But we're probably strong in a pinch” /Kansha kangeki ame arashi/

"People are people You are yourself
When you tried to compare them, you were losing
The strength not to be defeated by yourself
It will break through any wall   At times, it's okay to cry                                                                                  
It's also okay to show your weak points  But don't give up there  You can still do it                                                       
That dream of the future " /Fight song/

*10. TOP 5 Favorite Arashi GROUP SONG? (soo difficult, aah I love all their songs XD)

2.Kansha kangeki
4.be with you

*11. TOP 5 fave dramas of your ichiban?

Um I am sorry but I will change it... fave drama of each member XD

Ohno: Maou                                                                                                    
Sho: Kazoku game                                                                                          
Aiba: My girl                                                                              
Nino: Yamada Taro Monogatari                                                                    
Jun: Smile

*12. Give me your 2 fave songs from each boy?

= Nino: Doko ni demo aru uta,  Mata Kyou to Onaji Asu ga Kuru
=Ohno: Rain, Take me faraway
=Aiba: Namida no Nagareboshi, Hello Goodbye
=Sakurai: Taboo, Rolling days
=Jun: Yabai yabai yabai, Shake it!

*13. Fave games played in VS Arashi?
= Cliff Climbing, kicking sniper,pinball runner (I like all XD)

*14. Favorite Album? ( the one on repeat mode).
= hmm LOVE i think... but Digi and Popcorn as well

*15. Fave PV?
= Happiness, Fukkatsu LOVE, Truth, Dont you get it, Endless game, Daylight (actually I love all the PVs ♥)

*16. Do you own any outfit similar to your ichiban's outfit?
=Unfortunately no.

*17. Given a chance you meet the boys, what will you tell them?            
 Well if I met them I think I wont be able to speak but this I would really love to tell them...

Nino- I really like your carefree and sarcasticly-funny way of seeing the world or problems. For someone like me, who is always worried even about small things I am really jealous of that.

Ohno- For me you are the most versatile talented artist of 21st century. And no, you are not that ordinary as you think you are. Please accept the fact you are amazing talented person  Ohno-san. Thank you for staying with Arashi.

Jun- Thank you for making amazing concerts. For someone like me who is not able to go to see you live it is great way how to see you perform. Even through PC I can feel like I am there with you and other fans. Only Arashi has this power.

Aiba- I wish I was always so cheerful and optimistic as you are. I wish to be that type of person who brings happiness and is always kind to others. I really adore you for that Aiba-kun.

Sho- I really respect you the most among Arashi. I am always amazed how many things you were able to accomplish. I adore your will power, ambitions and never giving up mind. You are inspiration for many young people.

*18. How will you celebrate the boys Anniversary this year?                  
hmm I still did not think of anything special , but I am sure I will watch cons and maybe rewatch PIKANCHI? but definitely I will spend that day fangirling and listening to Arashi songs...and I will post to tumblr, lj etc XD

yattaaa!! dekitaaaa!! ♥ so Arahi will turn 18 huh? I even dont relized it... I am happy that I did this small challenge. It was fun. I wont tag anybody. If somebody wants do it , douzo :)

toma_nian98: (Default)
Hiiii minnaaa!!! I know, this post might be a little bit different from what I use to write about. But I still decided to post it. I hope it can help some of you who want order from Japan and dont know how, or is afraid to...
Well to be honest I dont buy a lot ( nah no money xD ) I just ordered twice and in this post will talk about both my experiences :)

*I am from Europe (Slovakia), so this post might be useful mostly for European fangirls

So here are the sites I used for ordering and I trust :)


So my very first order was from this site http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/ . I think you might hear about it. This site is very very good and lot of people trust it. It have mainly (or only) new/ never used goods.
Firstly you have to create account in it and then it is really easy to shop and also place order :) (you have there also explanation how to order and also about shipping etc. ) You can choose from various shipping methods which is most suitable for you. The shipping has different price and time of delivery. They will contact you about order via your mail, so dont worry :) (and you can also contact them)

My experience with CD JAPAN

My order from this site Toma Ikuta Photobook- Endless fight.
I choosed SAL shipping, which is the cheapest ( yeah poor fangirl here XD ) but the slowest and it does NOT have tracking!!! About the price... book was 1300yen (10 euro) and shipping was 700yen (5 euro) .
I oredered it last year in december and it came after month and week. ( I think it might came sooner, but there was Christmas holidays) After month I was quite worried what happened (because it said after 3 week I will got the book.) But they soon write me e-mail and kindly explained that package is still on way and that is alright :) it made me feel less worried.
Fortunatelly it came in very good state, carefully packed and undamaged. So I am satisfied :) :) :)

Here is package of the book. It really was safely packed :)

And here is the photobook :3
FRONT                                                                            BACK

This book was gift for my 17th birthday. It was my 1st Toma stuff and 1st thing from Japan so I was hyper like Nakatsu when it came (you did not want see me during opening package XD)
I have to admit I did not really know which pics will be inside and I think that made me buy it lol XD
I must say I regret nothing XD. Book has pics mainly from Toma's stage plays (which is super duper mega for me), then some pics from dramas promotion (Maou, Majo saiban, VOICE) and some YAMAPI pics and cutes series of chibi Toma and Toma as a student  :)

hereee are some (i know very bad quality ) precious Tomacchi photos :3
Yeah I nearly fainted when saw OHMAAA xD                                             ...and yup that's MJ :3

my cutieeee                                                and it has many chibi pics :3
(I have scanned the book, If you are interested PM me :), later I might post link )


And my next and latest order was from this site http://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/
This internet shop is mainly used by "otakus" and anime figures collector, but also we fangirls can find some idol goods there haha. Well this shop has mainly secondhand products so the products are much more cheaper than in Cd japan. You have description of "damage" about each product (in many cases it is just "only opened" or some little scratch at cover, nothing serious" The more damaged is product the lowest is price )
You have to create again an account. Shopping and ordering is similar than as in Cd japan or as in any other internet shops. Again you can choose from shipping methods and you will got mail about your order. ( I heard there was some cases where people have to wait long until they write them back, but they always write at the end. It is just language barrier.)

My experience with MANDARAKE

I dont know Mandarake very well, because I just used it once and I bough CD (not mags, or penlights or t-shirts...) To be honest I was quite worried if the "secondhand product" will work. But after I asked my nice arashian friends who use Mandarake, they reassurd me it will and it is trustworthy shop.They said everything what they ordered was fine.
I have to admit that I find the shop more  "confusing" than Cd japan. Like you have same products but from various sellers (Mandarake is one big shop which consists of some small ones shops hehe ) and it has different prices and also informations can be a little bit different. So you have to find product you want, to check if it has good quality+ find the best price :P so you have to be more skilled in online shopping I would say.

This time I had dilemma which one cd I will buy ( I wanted LOVE or FUKKATSU LOVE cd ) but finally I realised Arashi PV with Ikuta in it... this wont repeat ( oh how I wish yes XD ) so yeah I bought FUKKATSU LOVE LE (limited edition)

Again I choosed SAL shipping (my parents wont allow me to pay more for shipping ) but I could track it (Mandarake has this option ). I ordered it on 14th november this year and it came on 9th december (so today xD) Price of the CD was 1200 yen (9 euro) and shipping 680 yen (5 euro).
Everything went smooth and my CD was delivered safe and undamaged :)


Both CD and DVD works perfectly, mini photobook is without damage.  Again I am satisfied and I learned I should never been worried about japanese services :3 they are the best haha


DVD with ( that amazing Tomarashian heaven ) PV and making of PV

CD (consists FUKKATSU LOVE, Affection, Affection karaokere ver.)

aaand the mini photobook ( just look at that kawaii Sho-chaaan :3 )

Kyaa I am still so excited and happyyy!! This is my very first CD and ARSHI CD!!!  And I am so damn pleased I choosed FUKKATSU LOVE!
This whole Toma-was-allowed-to-be-with-Arashi in PV thing make soo excited, overjoyed, and be on 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% in fangirling mode!!!
This is for me as an Tomarashian legendary moment I will cherish it :3
Sorry for long post (lol again it turned to be longer and more subjective than I wanted :P ) I hope maybe this my ranting can help somebody.
See you next time :)
toma_nian98: (Default)

(prepare yourself I will rant a loot :P)

Toma is extremely lovable and nice person so it is not suprising a lot of people want be close to him. But as he said he considers just 3 people as his best friends-Shun, Jun and Yamapi :3 (ofc I he also said he has good friends with non-celebrities too) and he truly cherish them.

As Tomarashian any Toma’s interaction with Arashi is making me fangirl like crazy. XD I really love how Toma changes mood in Arashi’s bangumis. (I love DoS Jun towards Tomacchi XD ) I know it must be difficult for young Tomacchi when Arashi debuted, and how much he was hurted but I love to seeing him satisfied and happy as he is now :) I adore how he see Arashi as senpais-friends and wants support them.

Shun was the 1st person I get to know as Toma’s friend. Hana Kimi is unforgetable for me (and so is Ouroboros) :3 These two are perfect example that even person you dont like at firs glance can become your best friend :) They are so close that Toma cares (sometimes) about Shun’s daughter.

Unfortunatelly I was not fan during Tomapi or 4TOPS/3TOPS era. But I really do think Toma cares a lot about Pi. He treasures him a lot even they do not appear together on TV. They still support each other. It would be nice if they colaborated again somewhere tho :)

What I admire about Toma. he loves his lil-bro Ryuusei a lot and has very good relationship with him (omg what is more perfect than Ikuta bros? Ikuta bros togetheeeer!!) Toma, even he is busy always finds time for  with him and for his little niece :3 :3 :3

Sorry for loong post :P at least enjoy my collage :3 (you can let me know who do you like to see Toma with :) )

toma_nian98: (Default)

On this day i want introduce you Toma’s dearest people !! Yes friends and family are very very important for him… He loves his parents. Once he said:

” I am really gratefull to my parents. Even we were not very rich, they always try to give me and my bro everything!!! They raised our properly and we become good adults thanks to them….”

Toma respect and love people around him…
He said he really treasure every friendship. He had the best memories with his high school friends..
“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends…Jane Austin
I know he has a lot of non celebrity friends as well… but lets talk about his celebrity friends XD

Toma is very lovable person so he has a lot of friends.. but as he said he has about 3 best friends…—--Yamapi, Jun Matsumoto and Shun Oguri

( I must admit i missed a lot of from TomaPi and aslo some Junma moments XD but Shunma i know the best hahaha )

I think no one can forget about TOMAPI… they were so close…  They have opposite personalities but they matched perfectly together XD XD  ( They even went to same high school and Matsumoto Jun too…)
I remember when Toma said he and Yamapi argued a lot in the past… Toma is perfectionalist and Yamapi is so carefree. Toma was pissed of his careless attitude XD Etc: They arguead about shoes for their concert ( lol Toma wanted to change shoes but Yamapi said it is troublesome so just 1 pair is enough)
Well a lot of people really shipped them and ship them XD XD


I read a some stories and watched TV show where Toma talked about Yamapi XD
Their relationship was so cloooose that MC asked Toma if he and Yamapi dating XD
Then also question for Yamapi was what is Toma waekness… Yamapi said: I am Toma waekness XD

     THIS MEME IS MY WORK!!!!!!!!! (sorry I know it is lame XD)
Lol I dont think I am alone whi think they even had same hairstyle!!! XD XD ( Yamapi in BUZZER BEAT and Toma in MAJO SAIBAN)

( I am sure all Toma's fans know about this Toma's necklace :) )

And there is also that legendary mysterious necklace which Yamapi gave to Toma… I know Toma really treasures it… He wore it on magazines covers and on TV shows too… ( But he stopped to waer it few years ago... I wander what happend T__T )

( WELL… this can be again just my personal opinion but it looks like they are kinda not so close as before.I know they are adult men and also very busy… XD XD XD Well i think hey are still good friends :3 )

Then we have another long friendship with Matsumotoooooooooo JUN XD XD ( almost 19 years)
For me as fan of Arashi i really like this relationship… I like how Toma call him Matsujun XD XD as he was a memeber of Arashi XD Jun is the the most close to Toma from all Arashi members….
Toma and Jun has a a lot of in common… He and Jun go drink very often… (We can see them with Shun Oguri too XD XD)


Well i remember story where Toma said that MJ invited him to his new apartman XD. Jun showed him even his bedroom where Toma find something interesting XD ( LOOL i dont want imagine why they ended in bedroom XD XD MJ is yabaii hahaha). Sooo Toma spotted funny little lamp next to the bed. The lamp was like legs of female tango dancer… XD and the Top of lamp looked like dress.. (Toma was LOOL so hard in that TV show.. sorry i forgot name)

Then another funny story is about how Toma liked Jun perfume ( LOOOL Toma really love good smell haha… even sawger like Toma want J´s choice XD ) Toma asked him where he bought it XD. Next time they met MJ was angry on Toma that he bought same perfume XD And since that day MJ stopped to use that perfume XD XD

Well i can not help but i MUST mention TomArashi XD
I know all from Arashi like Toma and he likes them… He is just like 6th unofficial member…Is it only me or he calls each member another way?? For example: Ohno-san ( but he try to call him Ohno-kun lol) – he respect him the most, Matsujun and Sho-kun- very close relationship ( DRINKING BUDDIES LOL) Aiba-chan- close friends too ( friends for 19 yrs)  haha AND then Nino- well jut NINO XD ( ??)  hmm well this 2 are absolute opposite characters but still friends...

Kyaaa.... ARASHI are finally togetger ( lool ok I am just joking XD XD, dont kill me!!!)

I love how atmosphere change when he is guest in their show…  He is like revived… He seem more hyper and happier when he is with them XD And they look at him as their younger bro… I love it!!!I love this brotherhood XD XD Haha and the most funny is how he always defeat them in VSA (Vs Arashi XD)

I know this feeling is for both sides bittersweet… I feel they also know and feel awkward about past… But Toma and Arashi are best as they are.. I am happy he is not in Arashi so he can concentrate in his acting career!!! But also Arashi are the best as they are :) :)

And last the legendary duoShunXToma or SanoX Nakatsu OR Tat-chanXIkuo ( I cant decide which duo i love the most lol XD)
I remember how Toma said they get to know each other… They were in some radio show… That time they did know each other well ( it was before Hana Kimi XD) Toma said: „I thought this man was sooooo annyoing XD XD but It takes me some time to like him as friend haha“

They really become so close during Hana KImi… Well after 12 ( and maybe more ) times kissing you really change your attitude towards someone lol. Shun enjoyed it. He said Toma lips were so soft.. XD ( kyaa envious of Shun :P) — Homo ja naii!!!! XD XD XD
Well their friendship is really nice and  close. Shun invited Toma to his wedding in Hawaii. And after his daughter was born he let unlce Toma to take care after her :3 :3 ( kyaa how a lucky baby ) Toma also often hang out with Shun and his wife during dinner…

Well I really enjoyed OUROBOROS!!! ( T_____T )  Shun and Toma... their brotherhood relationship was the best!!! Every episode was amazing ( Ok I will let this to future article about OUROBOROS XD ) I love how they portrayed bsolutely different roles as in Hana Kimi!!! Both this dramas are my dearest!!!

Toma is also close to Shunsuke Kazama, Jin Akanishi or Masaki Okada

Well and I forgot to mention someone really important!!!! Toma little brother RYUUSEI!!!! This two really have good and nice relationship. You can feel true brother love from them ( kyaa their are so cute together, Ryuusei is so shy and respects his big Aniki… And Toma is so casual and try to calm  down his lil bro XD kyaa so sweet)  :3 Even they are busy still can find time to meet!! They are very very close… They even was in Osozoki no himawari and then in some TV shows!!! ( God bless director of Osozoki…. XD)

I cant forget one TV show where Toma was guest… His bro Ryuusei told that when they were little they took bath together… Toma said to Ryuusei he will shower his hair. So Ryuusei closed his eyes XD And then… Toma peed on him ( OK when i was watching this i was really shocked and amused in same time XD XD XD Poor Ryuusei) hahaha

Well everybody loves Toma, he is such perfect son, brother, friend, actor… PERSON!!!! ( he is my inspiration :3) I am so happy he is surrounded by awesome people who loves him :3
I wish one day he find real love and have nice family… He will be awesome hubby and daddy *3*
As he said: “ I dont wanna rush to marriage. To be able to be good husband and father i need to be good actor. My career is the most important for me now!!!”

Toma, no matter what you decide to do, I ( and lot of your fans) will support you!!! Please be always happy :)

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