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toma_nian98: (Default)
jajajajajajaaaa the last day of my challenge is here!!! ( it really ended so faast, but I am proud of myself I was able to DO IT properlyyy!! yattaaaa!!!)
I think some of you migh have seen this pics but they are so precious to me :3  Aaah what to say more ???…
he is such cutie since he was born!!! Totally the cutiest citicle cutieeeeee eveeer !!!! *kyaaaaa*

Anyhoo I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as me. I had really great time…
Through this challenge I was able to revive everything I adore about Toma and why I am his fan. I also realised it is probably my last time celebrating Toma’s birthday properly (yeah exams and fast comming cruel university life is calling me :P) But I will alwas try find some (maybe little) time(for my prince :3 for small praty yey! (I hope)

So If you remembered Toma, or share similar opinion about him as me or just my post made you smile because of Toma cuteness/coolness etc. then my idea was succesful.
If you like, let me know what you think abou this challenge. I would be very happy :3
Thank you for support and my friend for sharing some Toma's pics with me :3 :3 :3

btw HAPPY BIRTDAY Mr.Ikutaaaaa!!!! :3 :3 :3 (yes I know I am bit late in lj :P)

toma_nian98: (Default)
Since that 3 years I know Toma, it was fun to see him grow not just as person but also as an actor.
From cute, unsure, shy boy he sure has grown up to be georgeous, talented and charismatic man.
I love the feeling when watching Toma’s video and he still is that mischievous, funny and cute boy inside.
When I compare some of his older vids with new he still does the same gestures and talk same way :3 and it is soo sweet…

The feeling he matured but still is somehow same person inside makes me very happy.

I am soo pleased and proud to be Tomanaic. For me Toma is example and big inspiration. Whoever said Toma was ugly or plain and that he is not right person to be in Johnny’s must probably be blind (and baka) !!! I hate it totally! But..haters gonna hate!!! (Just look at that cutieee :3 :3 :3) But he proved that when nobody believes in you, you lost some friends and faith in yourself you still have to keep going and fight no matter what! Fight and show people you are able to do better than them (maybe in another way, but better).
Thank you Toma-kun for everything :3

BONUS :P ( please dont kill me )

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