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Hiii guys :3 I know, I know...I have been not posting much lately. Nazedeshou ka? Because I am soo busy with my school T_T and also my private life is very hectic :P but I try keep my fangirling as much as it goes.But I won't rant anymore here is today topic :3

Because (as you might know) I am also j-drama otaku I decided to post my drama reviews also there on lj. Yes I watch mostly Arashi's and Toma's dramas hehe (because I decided to finish them firstly XD which sometimes looks impossible for me :P ) but of course I watch other's jdramas :) If you are interested which dramas/movies I have seen here is link http://mydramalist.com/dramalist/t-chan

Simply said I will write my own opinion about dramas/movies I watched or I am recently watching (well during school I cant watch a lot, but during summer break I watched a lot.) At first I will share my summer drama my plan I completed XD
jaaa Hajimemashou :3 douzooo

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So this was my summer drama plan I succesfully completed. XD (lol I even suprised myself ) I will wrote about each dramas/movies in next posts. Hope you will like it :)

***Anyhoo I would like you guys let me know if it is good idea to review dramas :P  and also you can share your thoughts about them with me. I would love to read them :) aand you can also reccomend me some j dramas or movies too. Hope to read some nice messages :3

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