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Toma never attendet real fashion show (but he would made amazing model tho :P ) This little runway walk with Ohno is just unforgettable. Look at that look at Oh-chan :3 KYAAAA!!!

Gif is NOT mine!!!
( cr. to. @veeeeecky :3 http://veeeeecky.tumblr.com/post/20912711437/i-love-how-they-looked-at-each-other-xd )

toma_nian98: (Default)
Today I´ll tell a sad story about angel…
This angel forgot how to love and live his life properly. His each day was fulled with revenge, sadness and anger…
Soon he turned to someone who he never mean to be… Why??? He cant move from his past…
Who can save this dark angel? Can he be still saved?

Yes, today hanashi will be about my 2nd favourite Toma’s drama- MAOU!!!!
Of course I will talk about Toma, but I can’t help myself I MUST mention Ohno-kun too haha…

Why did I choose MAOU as 2nd favourite Toma´s drama? This drama is also very very special to me for a lot of reasons…I will explain properly haha
Jaaa Hajime mashou!!! Douzoooo

Why I decided to watch it?
THAT TIME I WAS NOT BIG FAN OF TOMA and I still did not know nothing about Johnny´s agecy, nothing about Arashi, nor about Ohno…
As I mentoined in my previous challenge day I just wanted find some infos about Toma dramas… I looked for pictures and the picture of MAOU really looked interesting so it atracted me, and story too...
So it was decided… GOAL: watch MAOU!!!!

From first episode I got totally hooked to drama! It was very thrilling and interesting and I was curious about end. MAOU did not disaponited me  OK only THE END was like eeeeeeh??? NOOOO T___T it can't be!!!! gosh why I am crying??? NOOOOOOO. Well if I knew that time if I did not see the end I will be saved from heatrbreak and full week of deep thinking about meaning of life haha)
I really regret nothing for watching and rewatching it!!! And will rewatch it again!!! I am sure!

Me and all MAOU fans/ johhny’s fans /  recommend this masterpiece! Or any otaku drama lover too!!! Who did not see it yet hurry up and see it :) ( end of commercial lol, recently I am being good in promotion of dramas, LOL I learned from Toma sensei haha)


Why was/ is MAOU so popular?

1.- remake of korean MAWANG. ( I am not so familiar with K-dramas, I am not fan of it too… I just saw actors in MAWANG and last episode of it and I did not like it, sorry- No charisma, no feelings :/ )

2.- Interesting, dark, story line.

3.- Johnny´s actors- we all know how huge power have Johnny’s-

I know a lot of people may dont agree with me what I wrote now… (First till I start write something, I want say I really like Ohno-kun! He is my ichiban from Arashi… I want apologize for every lame sentence I wrote….)
but what makes me a bit sad is that when I say MAOU all people are like: Aaah Ohno is the BEST, aaah poor Naruse, I wished he did not die.  T___T
And only Ohno won award for Maou!                                                                        
And what about Toma? He is like forgotten! No one mention or dont feel pity for Naoto. Only me??? WHYYY? He also did great job!
He also did his best! Naoto is not just cold murderer…
Through this post I want make see others NAOTO through my eyes! I hope I can make it :)

Well Toma and Ohno really proved their acting skills in this drama! They both are awesome actors who dont mind to take challenges and to switch to various types of roles. I like them both! ( Ok, Toma is my ichi for life haha )
Oh I started rumbling about silly things again! Let's move to the...

Main drama cast:
( I will focus only on Toma and Ohno haha) 
So It was my 2nd Toma drama. I saw it right after HANA KIMI. I must admit I was shocked. Nakatsu and Naoto are absoltely different characters. I was so impressed how Toma changed his way of acting. It was amazing. Nakatsu was just baka, kawaii, easy going boy and Naoto is hotblooded, sad, kakkoii detective… Naoto role must be difficult because a lot of deep emotions and mental aspect of this role.

Ohno did his best too!!! He impressed me too with his emotional and dark acting.
Before MAOU I did know his personality so after I become arashian I was very very shocked…
I was like… Eeeh? Maji kaaa?
This man played that dark, mysterious and devilish Naruse? This nice, sleeping, baka, fishing riida of Arashi???? Muridesuuuu!!!! :P
But thanks this drama I learned how great actor Ohno-kun is. He switched totally into this role.

He switched totally into this role. And now when I know that it was his 1st LEAD drama, he must be under pressure all time…
But he is so talented and he really gave me goosebumps. He let me stay tuned for next episodes… I hope to see his next some NEW drama soon!!!

From 1st time I heard TRUTH song I loved it. It become song of my life. Even I did not understanded lyrics, I fell in love with this song!!! That time I still did not know Ohno is in Arashi and that he sing that song! So my suprise was even more bigger when I discovered it!!!( LOL I dont want write a lot about Arashi because this challenge is about Toma… well I like them a lot  too) Simply said I slowly ( long time after seeing MAOU) I become Arashian.

ARIGATOU OHNO- SAN that you showed me this rainbow ARASHI wonderland of happiness. You are ichi ( from Arashi) :D
( I will write more on your birthday Ohno-kun haha, Toma started be jealous lol XD )


If someone did not see MAOU, I warn you SPOILERS!!!!!

Youkosooo to legendary red-room!!! Let's dive to revenge!!!

Yes yes yes!!! This is where the destiny is decided!!!!

Is this the true face of MAOU...?

Real target of Naruse? Or?

Ryo Naruse/ Manaka Tomoo - I really was sympathizing with him at first… He lost his brother and mum. He lost everything and  was left alone. He beared a lot pain, struggles, anger,despair…
It is naturally for human to feel this way… But this feeling grew to revenge…
Revenge from not knowing or don’t want know REAL TRUTH!!!!!  What exactly is revenge? Who did he exactly want do it for?

" People can see straight way as rough, and rough was as straight..." Naoto's dad

Yes his family was killed, but it dont give him right to kill another people! He should understand the best the pain of lost the dearest person. I know it is cruel… but… REVENGE won’t change nothing! You can’t change the past! It won’t bring his brother and mum back to life…

MAOU story shows how destructive revenge can be. First it will totally change the person and then it will slowly kill person from inside. How not knowing or change the truth can be dangerous. It can lead people to wrong decision…

This don’t mean I hate or ever hated Naruse!!!!NEVER!!!!! He was not bad person! His soul was ill and his inner self was dying from unbearable pain. I was very very sad for him! He throwed away his past, his own life, his feeling to protec himself. And he turned to heartless murderer for sake of his family. He was so imuch in pain. I wanted someone will help him!

Yes he needed Shiori so much! Thanks to her he slowly changed his revenge plan… He discovered how is it to love and be loved again… But he wanted protect her… so he decided not be with her anymore…

Naoto Serizawa-On the other hand we have Naoto Serizawa- hot blooded detective trying to be the best cop! He focus only on work and to punish bad guys! Why is that? He try to pay for his old sins… But they will surely catch up him…
 I must confess I never see him as murderer! He never weas cold, bad, heartless murderer.  Of course he was  naughty and silly boy in past, but now he changed and try to be forgiven from his sins… Of course I don’t want say Naoto is absolutely innocent! Hell no!!!
Even that murder was accident his dad covered it! I dont think being a good parent is it to let erase your child's mistake! He shoud never do it! He should let him pay for what he done, and learn a lesson! What his dad did was just unforgivable! If his dad said the truth, Naruse will wont start revenge…

Naoto really wanted pay for his sins. Of course it wont change anything…I saw the same pain as Naruse has in him. He truly deeply regrets what he did. He must lived with fear and regrets all this days. This was tortuning him each day! He wanted to punish himself so much! All his life he wanted to truly find peace and want apologize to Tomoo.Even he knew it won't bring back what he did...

( Oh Toma, I want hugh you darling!!! Be strong! )

What I like about MAOU next is that is is full of deep thoughts and quotes. I learned a lot from this drama. Now let's reminds or let me show you my best scenes!!!



3. People are naturally good guys...

( Older I get I get to know all people are NOT naturally good!!! :P )


5. I will chase him anywhere...

6.What I am still thinking about is that:                                                        

Was Naruse's only aim just to kill everybody who Naoto loved and then kill Naoto too to finally complete revenge plan? Or Naruse just want made Naoto so stressed, to make him feel same pain and despair as he felt? Did he want make Naoto hate him so badly to Naoto would kill him!?

Face to face! Finally get to understand both pains, regrets, aims!

And now...


Bring your tissues minna!!! it is here...

After rewatching I think Naruse finally understand and accepted the fact that death of Hideo was really an accident when he was stabbed by Keita Yamano. He finally saw the true clearly. Now he can forgive Naoto. So that is why after this he wanted to Naoto kill him! As he said: " I dont have nothing to lose in this life."

( I think this scene don't need comments, just dive into athmospehere and feel it )

AND NOW... T_______T

( Ok this scene...It still hurts T___T )

Can it be even worse??? ( yes it can )

I would say this story was about two troubled angels...

Naruse and Naoto- they both get to feel despair, fear, and became victims of lies. They just become human's toys for this lie!!!  Only TRUE can save them. Only bitter and sad true can open their eyes and hearts. Finally they see clearly and find peace. Finally both of them know sins and pain of each other.
Finally they can FORGIVE each other...

Yes they both are same!

This just my opinion but, I would say that human's pride, fear and LIE!!!!

THE END is so epic! I cried a tons of tears. I had trauma ( and still have it till this day) Well it was not what I thought it will end but still... Thanks Toma, Ohno and all cast, authors and all MAOU staff for creating this awesome drama!

Post MAOU trauma syndrom: Is it only me, or somebody else when see 2 flying butterflies remember MAOU too ?


( Ahh I did not want to end sad, but I can not help it. I am also sorry for loooong entry :( )

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