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jajajaja I am baaaaaack with "my summer 2016 drama opinions"!!! yup I know it is autumn now heh (no I DID not spend whole summer watching j-dramas, I am not so hopeless so much XD)

Well, I started my summer vacation with this kawaii drama (it has been on my watch list pretty long time XD)  and I have to tell it was better than I hoped. I am not big fan of lovely-dovely dramas, but this one was nice. Main leads had great chemistry from the start, they were really natural and did good job. (I saw Satomi and Shun-kun in new light and I enjoyed it! Both of them acted pretty well and natural as a couple.) And I have to mention that amazing song from Miwa- Hikari e... I really cant stop listening it xD


The story is about Toru Hyuga (Shun Oguri) , young, ambitious, arrogant and full of ideas owner of IT company NEXT INNOVATION. He runs it together with his best friend Kosuke Asahina (Arata Iura) . Toru's dream is to create software for helping people saving their private datas.
With this program he wants find also his missing mother. One day the university student Makoto Natsui
(Satomi Ishihara) applies to work for his company but she is told off by Hyuga until she told him her name is Chihiro Sawaki (same as his mother name).He hire her and both of them try to find figure more about each other. Chihiro(Makoto) presence make Hyuga to change to better manners and he is more nice to others. He even things he like her.
Everything is fine until Hyuuga learns that Chihiro lied to him...


About story, even I knew it will be happy end, I was curious how main leads will manage to have their relationship keep going and how Makoto will change Hyuga. What I liked next was how Hyuga managed to overcome hardships with Asahina and his company, how he save their friendship and how he matured.I enjoyed the humor and cute and maybe baka scenes!

So I wont write more, I dont make spoilers XD and if my short review inspired you to watch this drama, and you like rom-com with cute humor (or you just want watch it for cool Shu Oguri) go for it! :)

My rating: 6/10

Here is short PICSPAM enjooy :3

                 Makoto before hiring to company                                              

                  Makoto after hiring to company                                            

Hyuga is sure wise man ne? :3                                        


(ok not in love xD )


The start of accpepting their feelings?!


Read more... )

BONUS from NY special (cos is sooo fluffy and kawaii :3 )

I really like they dont looked awkward doing lovely-dovely scenes together, everything looked real and natural

aaaaw I find this even more cute cos Makoto is short lol same as me and the way he hugged her aaaaw
...i can just faint XD


So I hope you guys enjoyed it, if you saw this drama you can share your opinion with me :3 see you soon!

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