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Konnichiwa my fellows Toma-kun lovers! Minna ogenki desu kaa? The holiday (very short holiday) is coming!!!! Yattaaa! (I am dead after exams- especially math, my enemy was very strong. I hope I made it) Well I will stop rumble about my boring school life and continue my challenge nee?

Kyou wa I decided to introduce my 3th favorite drama. It is also the newest Toma drama and latest drama I saw... I will do introduction and you can guess which one is it!!! Jaa hajime mashou!

When I first saw info that Toma will have new drama I almost collapsed. (I was a bit disappointed after drama Osozoki no himawari...) When I get to know he will act with Shun again ( yes I bet you know what drama will me mentioned in this post xD ), I totally died ( my shipping heart and Hana Kimi lover could not help haha! ) When I read the plot, and saw cast I already know this would be another Toma´s ace drama! And I was right!!! (I was so hyper that time, because Toma´s fandom needed new power from our king Toma-san.)

For that ones who still don’t know which drama I mean- it is OUROBOROS!!! Yup!!!! Who want be spoiled or want to reminds this awesome drama... here it is! Douzoo!!!

This drama is exactly what I love!!! Awesome acting, suspense, action, deep meaning, emotions, interesting story line, story twist, unexpected end ( noooo end T___T i remembered, it hit me again gosh where I have my tissues? T__T)…  (I could continue, but I dont want make you bored…)

Let me say it is the best drama of 2015 and IT IS A MUST SEE DRAMA!

This drama is amazing and its proof is OUROBOROS BOOM in january this year! Even non fans watched it and liked it.This drama was aired in lot of foreign countries too. ( Well Tomacchi, the shining actor star in Johnny’s and the most well know actor amongs teenage girls ( lol i read this introduction of Shun on some page and can’t stop laugh haha) Shun Oguri did something hahahaha)  Yes, we Toma wives were again so happy and so so fired up that Toma is in drama after some pause…

Well I was once again totally amazed and knockedout by Toma acting. Another different role ( ok maybe littlebit similar to MAOU, but good viewer will see a lot of differences), with psychological and very physical scenes. His face expression, moves… aah everything… Toma you are really Mr. actor!!!

I must not forget that for action scenes, our action king went to KOREA! Yup, our man spend 4 hours daily in special gym kicking some staff butts XD. Gosh how I love sweaty, and K.O Toma after long training. So damn hot and sexy… ehm… STOP fangirling already!!! :P ) Well the result is that Toma got some more ABS and arm muscles and totally killing action scenes!!! ( worth to watch nee? )

Also Shun was good too and did great job! I must admit that I like Shun more and more after OUROBOROS.
I could see how they both matured and got better at acting. I was very enjoying Shun and Toma brotherhood friendship. I was so happy to see them together again.
But the most it was painfull in the end… T__T

I cant forget to mention this drama is written from manga OUROBOROSby Kanzaki Yuuya. Interesting is that manga is still ongoing ( without end ) but drama is finished in own way… I am really curious to read manga. I want know differences in story.
Toma also reccomended it. He said when he read it he imagined that Ikuou is like him and Tatsuya is like Shun.

( Hmm if Toma will be in white suit... Exactly like manga T__T yey!!! )


Tatsuya Danno- Little bit stubborn, cold outside, the strict  and cool leader of yakuza. He can kill his enemies without hesitation. But inside it is very fragile, nice and truthwoth friend and person who is totally into his aim. He is also very dependable and loyal to whose he love. He never forget the past and pain he felt.

Ikuo Ryuuzaki- on the other hand we have here emotional, nice, gentle, kind and easy-going detective. He is always energetic in work. But he has also face which know only his friend Tacchan. When he is with him he totataly changes to different person with painfull past.  He dont mind to be cold and very mysterious.

*** Ikuo was witness of murder of Yuiko sensei. Because of this inciden his memory was damaged. He can' t remeber the night of incident well. But later he will rememer everything

Ok I again talk too much…I hope you did not fall asleep XD
Lets talk about story:                    

( I am sorry for SPOILERS )

About story:
The story is all about strong bond between two friends! (gosh how I ship this two!!! xD) Destiny conected two little boys- orphans, who were abandoned, they had nobody to believe to, they did not know how is to feel love… But they finally find peace, home and love in orphans house Mahoroba.

Soon, this two boys become very close. Their bonds wasvery strong and they were like brothers…
They and another children were raised with love of Yuiko sensei. She is caring, nice and lovable young woman.

She loved all “her kids”, but this two- Tatsuya and Ikuo- are the most important to her. She behaves special to them.
They were like sons to her and she was like their mum… This boys really loved her. (maybe more just like mum )

From this description you may think that Mahoroba is nice and peaceful place and Yuiko sensei is so nice and georgeous person right?
But is it really true? Well nothing is really as it seems at first sight…

( Which secrect tried Yuiko hide? Who exactly she was? )

One day little Ikuo is witness of horrible incident!

During night he saw how Yuiko sensei was killed by strange man with golden watch.
He tried to save her but it was too late…

They lost beloved person, everything was gone for them. Only thing that Yuiko sensei left is ouroboros necklace…

Feling alone again and hold on to grudge they felt they must take revenge to bring back justice. They were too young for this unbearable pain. From this pain the promise was born. A promise to catch murdered of Yuiko sensei no matter what…

The time is flying fast and after 11 years Tatsuya become yakuza leader to be able to control people from underground and Ikuo become detective- to catch bad guys…Troubled with same questions and dubts each day, with painfull past they still continue to catch their enemy.They help each other and meet secretly each day in  to make their plan continue.

 photo kill them_zpshgl1c4lk.gif
T: We will kill them. I: Yes, we will!
( MY GIF!!! )

1. Don't smell me!!! ( I love it. One of few funny scenes in drama )

 photo o10_zpsdmwcokhk.jpg  photo 012_zpsi2sngol3.jpg  photo 011_zpstst1uhpq.jpg photo 014_zpsmtrpkegb.jpg
( She is yabai you know!!! XD )
2. The TWO DRAGONS ( this is just soo epic  T__T oh my kokoro )

 photo 2 dragons_zpsw4x8vwmk.gif
( Kill me pls!!! MY GIF!!!!)

 photo 30_zpsmx0fbgy5.jpg photo 025_zpsxemrn9lx.jpg

4.Hot detective IKUO-san ---- Stop or i will shot you!!
 photo 023_zpsdkel0iif.jpg photo 019_zps1jehs9xh.jpg

 photo shooter_zpslokdgg2w.gif

5. IKEMENS in bath house
 photo 34_zpszfdafbm0.jpg photo 43_zpsrn4jmqbs.jpg
 photo 37_zpssb4ozx6t.jpg photo 38_zps9wb9rt1k.jpg

    photo 35_zps48ya3ldw.jpg

 photo 36_zpsy6r2efgd.jpg
( OMG, OMG OMG, can I screeeeeeeam?!
Thank you for fanservice director-san XD )

6. Saving Hibono like a Boss XD
 photo 51_zpsojkamvg3.jpg  photo boss1_zpszp9hdpj4.gif

 photo boss2_zpss1zp0dzx.gif photo 65_zpsoiyus3tw.jpg

( How I wish to be Yuri Ueno-san, I want be saved like this too  T__T, my GIF  )

7. I: I am the person who will Hibino-san NEVER forgive!
 photo ezgif-2030135164_zpsq7eojsto.gif
( MY GIF )
8. Near to death T__T

9. BONUS: Since we have HALLOWEEN XD
 photo ezgif-152513488_zpswednqke7.gif
( Ok this is even more scary then brain man XD )
the real BONUS XD
 photo 68_zpsq4sh2cei.jpg( Ok I can really feel that brotherhood love!!! )
10.   Who else is Hibino and Ikuo shipper?  *3*
 photo 91_zpscnpafe8c.jpg
( I want be hugged like this T__T damn so sweet )
 photo 89_zps99f2grvs.jpg  photo 88_zpsstxkvojo.jpg
11. Painful memories

 photo memories_zps7heswsa4.gif


12. Tatchan what are you doing???

13. Let's go home...
 photo 96_zpsf3jxpy75.jpg photo 98_zpsxrzkzudd.jpg
 photo 99_zps6tm0fxrb.jpg photo 100_zpsdr6svshb.jpg  photo 101_zpskrgiovdz.jpg photo 102_zpsdrn0poai.jpg

 photo 103_zpsd0acgjhg.jpg photo 104_zpsmje30hgh.jpg
( aah this scene T__T, and Ikuo's TACCHAN--- gosh i wish I can put the sound there. so sweet T__T )

The next scenes wll be a bit SPOILERS!!!

14. The way to home...

Read more... )

15.  aand my favourite scene is...

Read more... )


For instance, as long as there was a single irreplaceable person to us        
Then we’d never be afraid to get hurt So we’ll keep living
So tell me why What lays beyond that light?                                                  
But in my dreams, I always want to touch you
Open your heart I feel love all around                                                              
It connects us with a gentle feeling
One day, we’ll change the world And then, we’ll be born again somewhere…


 photo 141_zpsbqgsfo7g.jpg photo 146_zps9nibh2en.jpg

                                                       OUROBOROS- infinity and eternity...death and resurrection... creation and destruction...

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