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jajajaja I am baaaaaack with "my summer 2016 drama opinions"!!! yup I know it is autumn now heh (no I DID not spend whole summer watching j-dramas, I am not so hopeless so much XD)

Well, I started my summer vacation with this kawaii drama (it has been on my watch list pretty long time XD)  and I have to tell it was better than I hoped. I am not big fan of lovely-dovely dramas, but this one was nice. Main leads had great chemistry from the start, they were really natural and did good job. (I saw Satomi and Shun-kun in new light and I enjoyed it! Both of them acted pretty well and natural as a couple.) And I have to mention that amazing song from Miwa- Hikari e... I really cant stop listening it xD


The story is about Toru Hyuga (Shun Oguri) , young, ambitious, arrogant and full of ideas owner of IT company NEXT INNOVATION. He runs it together with his best friend Kosuke Asahina (Arata Iura) . Toru's dream is to create software for helping people saving their private datas.
With this program he wants find also his missing mother. One day the university student Makoto Natsui
(Satomi Ishihara) applies to work for his company but she is told off by Hyuga until she told him her name is Chihiro Sawaki (same as his mother name).He hire her and both of them try to find figure more about each other. Chihiro(Makoto) presence make Hyuga to change to better manners and he is more nice to others. He even things he like her.
Everything is fine until Hyuuga learns that Chihiro lied to him...


About story, even I knew it will be happy end, I was curious how main leads will manage to have their relationship keep going and how Makoto will change Hyuga. What I liked next was how Hyuga managed to overcome hardships with Asahina and his company, how he save their friendship and how he matured.I enjoyed the humor and cute and maybe baka scenes!

So I wont write more, I dont make spoilers XD and if my short review inspired you to watch this drama, and you like rom-com with cute humor (or you just want watch it for cool Shu Oguri) go for it! :)

My rating: 6/10

Here is short PICSPAM enjooy :3

                 Makoto before hiring to company                                              

                  Makoto after hiring to company                                            

Hyuga is sure wise man ne? :3                                        


(ok not in love xD )


The start of accpepting their feelings?!


Read more... )

BONUS from NY special (cos is sooo fluffy and kawaii :3 )

I really like they dont looked awkward doing lovely-dovely scenes together, everything looked real and natural

aaaaw I find this even more cute cos Makoto is short lol same as me and the way he hugged her aaaaw
...i can just faint XD


So I hope you guys enjoyed it, if you saw this drama you can share your opinion with me :3 see you soon!

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(prepare yourself I will rant a loot :P)

Toma is extremely lovable and nice person so it is not suprising a lot of people want be close to him. But as he said he considers just 3 people as his best friends-Shun, Jun and Yamapi :3 (ofc I he also said he has good friends with non-celebrities too) and he truly cherish them.

As Tomarashian any Toma’s interaction with Arashi is making me fangirl like crazy. XD I really love how Toma changes mood in Arashi’s bangumis. (I love DoS Jun towards Tomacchi XD ) I know it must be difficult for young Tomacchi when Arashi debuted, and how much he was hurted but I love to seeing him satisfied and happy as he is now :) I adore how he see Arashi as senpais-friends and wants support them.

Shun was the 1st person I get to know as Toma’s friend. Hana Kimi is unforgetable for me (and so is Ouroboros) :3 These two are perfect example that even person you dont like at firs glance can become your best friend :) They are so close that Toma cares (sometimes) about Shun’s daughter.

Unfortunatelly I was not fan during Tomapi or 4TOPS/3TOPS era. But I really do think Toma cares a lot about Pi. He treasures him a lot even they do not appear together on TV. They still support each other. It would be nice if they colaborated again somewhere tho :)

What I admire about Toma. he loves his lil-bro Ryuusei a lot and has very good relationship with him (omg what is more perfect than Ikuta bros? Ikuta bros togetheeeer!!) Toma, even he is busy always finds time for  with him and for his little niece :3 :3 :3

Sorry for loong post :P at least enjoy my collage :3 (you can let me know who do you like to see Toma with :) )

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Konnichiwa my fellows Toma-kun lovers! Minna ogenki desu kaa? The holiday (very short holiday) is coming!!!! Yattaaa! (I am dead after exams- especially math, my enemy was very strong. I hope I made it) Well I will stop rumble about my boring school life and continue my challenge nee?

Kyou wa I decided to introduce my 3th favorite drama. It is also the newest Toma drama and latest drama I saw... I will do introduction and you can guess which one is it!!! Jaa hajime mashou!

When I first saw info that Toma will have new drama I almost collapsed. (I was a bit disappointed after drama Osozoki no himawari...) When I get to know he will act with Shun again ( yes I bet you know what drama will me mentioned in this post xD ), I totally died ( my shipping heart and Hana Kimi lover could not help haha! ) When I read the plot, and saw cast I already know this would be another Toma´s ace drama! And I was right!!! (I was so hyper that time, because Toma´s fandom needed new power from our king Toma-san.)

For that ones who still don’t know which drama I mean- it is OUROBOROS!!! Yup!!!! Who want be spoiled or want to reminds this awesome drama... here it is! Douzoo!!!

This drama is exactly what I love!!! Awesome acting, suspense, action, deep meaning, emotions, interesting story line, story twist, unexpected end ( noooo end T___T i remembered, it hit me again gosh where I have my tissues? T__T)…  (I could continue, but I dont want make you bored…)

Let me say it is the best drama of 2015 and IT IS A MUST SEE DRAMA!

This drama is amazing and its proof is OUROBOROS BOOM in january this year! Even non fans watched it and liked it.This drama was aired in lot of foreign countries too. ( Well Tomacchi, the shining actor star in Johnny’s and the most well know actor amongs teenage girls ( lol i read this introduction of Shun on some page and can’t stop laugh haha) Shun Oguri did something hahahaha)  Yes, we Toma wives were again so happy and so so fired up that Toma is in drama after some pause…

Well I was once again totally amazed and knockedout by Toma acting. Another different role ( ok maybe littlebit similar to MAOU, but good viewer will see a lot of differences), with psychological and very physical scenes. His face expression, moves… aah everything… Toma you are really Mr. actor!!!

I must not forget that for action scenes, our action king went to KOREA! Yup, our man spend 4 hours daily in special gym kicking some staff butts XD. Gosh how I love sweaty, and K.O Toma after long training. So damn hot and sexy… ehm… STOP fangirling already!!! :P ) Well the result is that Toma got some more ABS and arm muscles and totally killing action scenes!!! ( worth to watch nee? )

Also Shun was good too and did great job! I must admit that I like Shun more and more after OUROBOROS.
I could see how they both matured and got better at acting. I was very enjoying Shun and Toma brotherhood friendship. I was so happy to see them together again.
But the most it was painfull in the end… T__T

I cant forget to mention this drama is written from manga OUROBOROSby Kanzaki Yuuya. Interesting is that manga is still ongoing ( without end ) but drama is finished in own way… I am really curious to read manga. I want know differences in story.
Toma also reccomended it. He said when he read it he imagined that Ikuou is like him and Tatsuya is like Shun.

( Hmm if Toma will be in white suit... Exactly like manga T__T yey!!! )


Tatsuya Danno- Little bit stubborn, cold outside, the strict  and cool leader of yakuza. He can kill his enemies without hesitation. But inside it is very fragile, nice and truthwoth friend and person who is totally into his aim. He is also very dependable and loyal to whose he love. He never forget the past and pain he felt.

Ikuo Ryuuzaki- on the other hand we have here emotional, nice, gentle, kind and easy-going detective. He is always energetic in work. But he has also face which know only his friend Tacchan. When he is with him he totataly changes to different person with painfull past.  He dont mind to be cold and very mysterious.

*** Ikuo was witness of murder of Yuiko sensei. Because of this inciden his memory was damaged. He can' t remeber the night of incident well. But later he will rememer everything

Ok I again talk too much…I hope you did not fall asleep XD
Lets talk about story:                    

( I am sorry for SPOILERS )

About story:
The story is all about strong bond between two friends! (gosh how I ship this two!!! xD) Destiny conected two little boys- orphans, who were abandoned, they had nobody to believe to, they did not know how is to feel love… But they finally find peace, home and love in orphans house Mahoroba.

Soon, this two boys become very close. Their bonds wasvery strong and they were like brothers…
They and another children were raised with love of Yuiko sensei. She is caring, nice and lovable young woman.

She loved all “her kids”, but this two- Tatsuya and Ikuo- are the most important to her. She behaves special to them.
They were like sons to her and she was like their mum… This boys really loved her. (maybe more just like mum )

From this description you may think that Mahoroba is nice and peaceful place and Yuiko sensei is so nice and georgeous person right?
But is it really true? Well nothing is really as it seems at first sight…

( Which secrect tried Yuiko hide? Who exactly she was? )

One day little Ikuo is witness of horrible incident!

During night he saw how Yuiko sensei was killed by strange man with golden watch.
He tried to save her but it was too late…

They lost beloved person, everything was gone for them. Only thing that Yuiko sensei left is ouroboros necklace…

Feling alone again and hold on to grudge they felt they must take revenge to bring back justice. They were too young for this unbearable pain. From this pain the promise was born. A promise to catch murdered of Yuiko sensei no matter what…

The time is flying fast and after 11 years Tatsuya become yakuza leader to be able to control people from underground and Ikuo become detective- to catch bad guys…Troubled with same questions and dubts each day, with painfull past they still continue to catch their enemy.They help each other and meet secretly each day in  to make their plan continue.

 photo kill them_zpshgl1c4lk.gif
T: We will kill them. I: Yes, we will!
( MY GIF!!! )

1. Don't smell me!!! ( I love it. One of few funny scenes in drama )

 photo o10_zpsdmwcokhk.jpg  photo 012_zpsi2sngol3.jpg  photo 011_zpstst1uhpq.jpg photo 014_zpsmtrpkegb.jpg
( She is yabai you know!!! XD )
2. The TWO DRAGONS ( this is just soo epic  T__T oh my kokoro )

 photo 2 dragons_zpsw4x8vwmk.gif
( Kill me pls!!! MY GIF!!!!)

 photo 30_zpsmx0fbgy5.jpg photo 025_zpsxemrn9lx.jpg

4.Hot detective IKUO-san ---- Stop or i will shot you!!
 photo 023_zpsdkel0iif.jpg photo 019_zps1jehs9xh.jpg

 photo shooter_zpslokdgg2w.gif

5. IKEMENS in bath house
 photo 34_zpszfdafbm0.jpg photo 43_zpsrn4jmqbs.jpg
 photo 37_zpssb4ozx6t.jpg photo 38_zps9wb9rt1k.jpg

    photo 35_zps48ya3ldw.jpg

 photo 36_zpsy6r2efgd.jpg
( OMG, OMG OMG, can I screeeeeeeam?!
Thank you for fanservice director-san XD )

6. Saving Hibono like a Boss XD
 photo 51_zpsojkamvg3.jpg  photo boss1_zpszp9hdpj4.gif

 photo boss2_zpss1zp0dzx.gif photo 65_zpsoiyus3tw.jpg

( How I wish to be Yuri Ueno-san, I want be saved like this too  T__T, my GIF  )

7. I: I am the person who will Hibino-san NEVER forgive!
 photo ezgif-2030135164_zpsq7eojsto.gif
( MY GIF )
8. Near to death T__T

9. BONUS: Since we have HALLOWEEN XD
 photo ezgif-152513488_zpswednqke7.gif
( Ok this is even more scary then brain man XD )
the real BONUS XD
 photo 68_zpsq4sh2cei.jpg( Ok I can really feel that brotherhood love!!! )
10.   Who else is Hibino and Ikuo shipper?  *3*
 photo 91_zpscnpafe8c.jpg
( I want be hugged like this T__T damn so sweet )
 photo 89_zps99f2grvs.jpg  photo 88_zpsstxkvojo.jpg
11. Painful memories

 photo memories_zps7heswsa4.gif


12. Tatchan what are you doing???

13. Let's go home...
 photo 96_zpsf3jxpy75.jpg photo 98_zpsxrzkzudd.jpg
 photo 99_zps6tm0fxrb.jpg photo 100_zpsdr6svshb.jpg  photo 101_zpskrgiovdz.jpg photo 102_zpsdrn0poai.jpg

 photo 103_zpsd0acgjhg.jpg photo 104_zpsmje30hgh.jpg
( aah this scene T__T, and Ikuo's TACCHAN--- gosh i wish I can put the sound there. so sweet T__T )

The next scenes wll be a bit SPOILERS!!!

14. The way to home...

Read more... )

15.  aand my favourite scene is...

Read more... )


For instance, as long as there was a single irreplaceable person to us        
Then we’d never be afraid to get hurt So we’ll keep living
So tell me why What lays beyond that light?                                                  
But in my dreams, I always want to touch you
Open your heart I feel love all around                                                              
It connects us with a gentle feeling
One day, we’ll change the world And then, we’ll be born again somewhere…


 photo 141_zpsbqgsfo7g.jpg photo 146_zps9nibh2en.jpg

                                                       OUROBOROS- infinity and eternity...death and resurrection... creation and destruction...

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YEEEEY!!! I am finally back! Sorry for not being active this week T__T ( My school life is so busy :( ) And also this post was so difficult to to write because I wanted to make it good post and also I wanted to say a lot of things…
I hope I made interesting challenge day post! Yoroshiku!
Jajaja hajime!!!

Normal people when see airplane are like: Ah airplane... ( or they even dont care XD)
ME? : OMG OMG OMG.....
Ikenai Tayou na na na nana na na na....

Well today hanashi will be about: What is my favourite Toma drama? Before this challenge I would tell you I am not sure, because I love all Toma dramas... Well this is not changed, but I remembered what Hana Kimi mean to me...
Yes it is HANA KIMI!!!!! YEY!!
This drama is so special and memorable for me... As I wrote in previous post, it was my very 1st Toma drama and also drama where I get to like Toma... SO it all started with Hana Kimi...

At first I need to say it is MASTERPIECE for me!!! ( of course it has some parts I am not very satisfied with... but I still love it)
Its humor and hilariuos scenes are ireplacable!
I ask myself countless of times what is so magical on this drama? It is just bunch of idiots students in ridiculous school life situations!!! ----- But I must admit I love this bakas!!! I really like it...
Maybe the plost is so easy that it is so catchy... And also cast is just so amazing. They dont need to act that they are friends- they are really FRIENDS!!! Everything is just so natural and what is the most touchig is the joy of each person from cast just because they can act in this drama…

They are not afraid to show even their baka self and dont mind look like idiots... You can also feel the cheerful and happy mood which you feel only when you are in high school! You can feel youth and happiness from everywhere!!!!
This is OHSAKA GAKUEN! Youkosooooooo!!!!!!



Look at the mature dorm leaders! They are so reliable nee? XD

How is it to be in dorm! Well it must be boring nee?

Each OHSAKA student study very hard! XD
I really can´'t believe I did not want watch this drama... XD As I said earlier...I was disappointed in Shun so I did not watch see him acting again. ( Of course I get to like him haha! ) Only what I was curious about was Junpei Mizobata...
Demo one day I said:

Well I got abslutely addicted to this story... One girl in all boy school???!  I was so curiuous what will happen to her...
When I first saw it I was rooting for Mizuki and Sano relationship. I was really impressed  what wanted Mizuki do for Sano...
She sacrificed her own life to help her idol! ( woaaah inspiration for us fangirls XD )

At first I was really focused about Sano and Mizuki pair... Demo I get bored with them... I am sorry I did not see big chemistry for them! Later Mizuki become a bit annoying to me XD. She just cared about Sano like stalker... I can understand her a bit but... what is much is much...

Then I started to pay attention to  that baka Nakatsu. His presence changend everything...
As I said earlier I did not like him so much... ( to tell the true never imagined this man will stole my heart XD )
BUT I could not resist this kawaii baka hilarious football clown so long time... No no no!!! Everybody just must LOVE him!!!
Who saw Hana Kimi will agree with me!
Nakatsu is LIFE, SUNSHINE and the HEART of Hana Kimi...
Just try to imagine Hana Kimi without him... ( disaster nee? ) This really shows that Nakatsu is such important character...
Nakatsu is very lovable because his is just naturally funny, he is so pure haearted and also naive sometimes... From his friendship with Sano we can see him as very good friend who can be trusted! He loves his friends...

Also you can see him as very enthustiactic and ambitious person towards his dream- which is to be pro football player...
And what I love the most is that he is endless optimist!!!! He share his funky - dorky mood and positive charisma to everybody!!!
What I can't never forget about Nakatsu are his ridiculous actions and facial expressions! They gave me stomach age each time I saw it!
Well lets look at scenes I love the most...
( Btw. I rewatched Hana Kimi for sake of making screen shots! All screen shots are MINE :D )

1.  Awkward ( perverted )

Ok so when I 1st saw this I was like: EEEH? she will be exposed XD
Then: Is that boy stupid or something? LOL How he could not feel them? XD
( And what is bothering me now... Lol Toma touched Makity's ehm... breast XD )

2. Nakatsu'sSHOCK

I will never forget this scene with Nakao... I was lauging for 10 mins looool!!!!

3. Drunk Sano KISS

HAHAHA!!! I still cant believe it! XD XD XD
Well No one can feel safe next to Kissing monster Sano! Even hotblooded football player Nakatsu not XD
( Ah Shun, you did something unforgivable! You stole that precious lips :3 haha )


This scene is so nailed!!!! It is written in japanese drama history!
BONUS: Nakatsu's biggest nightmare! - Believe HIM, he is NOT HOMO XD

Because just photo is not enough XD
( GIF is NOT MINE... all cr. to owner )
Btw about that HOMO thing... I never see Nakatsu as gay... haha NEVER. I think it was because I can't see Mizuki as boy lol XD
5.  I love women dance!!!

NO SHAME!!!!! XD ( Well only in Japanese drama you can see Ikemen with Women's underwear on his head dancing like a boss XD )
Well... Smile is important in every situation!
Believe me, he is not HOMO!!!!!

Because I cant get enough of this.... The best hilarious scene in motion! Douzoooo

(gif is NOT mine, cr. to owner)

6.  Be quiet, Komari...

Poor Komari-chan... No one want listen to her... XD

7.  Nakatsu don't want help! or when he is not in mood

8. When Nakatsu finally get to know truth!!!
When excitement, happiness and shock came to you at same time!!!

Yes, exactly! Everybody when they get to know they are not HOMO will go to toilet and start to write ONNA on toilet paper!!!!! XD
Why not!!!! ( only in Japanese drama! XD Only in Hana Kimi )

I must posted GIF XD
( again Gif is NOT MINE, all cr. to owner )

9. Save the NAKATSUUUU!!!

( Yes he is not dead! He just  saw something what he never had to see!!!! XD )

BONUS: That awkward moment when you remember you did something stupid ...

(  you see, he is not so innocent haha )

( I told you... he is little perverted baka XD )

10. When you did not pass the test Or how to be stupid like a BOSS

( I know he is not stupid, it was about that incidet with fake cheating :( Actually it should be sad moment... But I laughed )
11.  When Kagurazaka nails it XD

( well we all love that idiots XD )
12. What to do with gold??

Leave it to Nanba-senpai and Nakatsu. They already have a perfect plan hahahaha XD
13. La fontaine

Hahaha Nakatsu should learn how to calm his atsuii feelings XD
( Gif is NOT MINE!!! cr. to owner )
14. When Ohsaka gakuen IKEMEN do cosplay XD

( that nurse is such a beauty XD and that pink really suither haha )

Kawaii deshou nee? *3*

We all already knows that Nakatsu is livig in his own little world which only he can understand! lets look at some ehm... "NAKATSU's can't be explained MOMENTs/ actions/ expressions "  XD
1. How to resist
a temptation
2. That feeling when you see something so kawaii you can't stand it!!!!! XD
3. Drinking Cola when you are  excited- jealous-pissed of-shocked and still stay so damn kawaii be like...
4. That feeling when you can't trust even best friend

5. That feeling when that stranger just soo pissing you out!!!

( all GIFS used above are NOT MINE!!!! )
6. Cool swimsuit

( well Nakatsu is such fashion skilled nee? XD
Now I am sure Toma has fettish over leopard printed clothes haha
Remember REIJI???? )
I so love Nakatsu humor and funny moments...
But there were also times when I cried with Nakatsu…he become the most important character to me! (ah how I like this baka)
I wished the best for him. ( lol I almost forgot Mizuki and Sano a bit haha)
I started ship Nakatsu him with Mizuki…

See how they had better chemistry ( mainly from Nakatsu side ) XD

1. Highschool forbidden boy love XD
( Yes Nakatsu, it is :( she dont deserve you... but i wished he will kiis him ehm her  haha)
2. How to take perfect photos with your BF

3. KAWAII dancing lesson

Demo when I saw how she dumped him and did not care about him… It made me so sad for him… I wanted hug him… I was like: Why she wants Sano? Nakatsu want give her everything he can! He so care about her!!! NANDE that boring and cold Sano? ( Nakatsu came to me! Forget Mizuki XD)  

( I hated to see him so sad :( so down and without smile ) 

But after I owercome this emotional shock I wanted him to end with Komari-chan… ( aah got teary eyed… should stop this topic) well…
Nakatsu is such nice guy…. He wanted his friends to be happy so he sacrificed himself. I love him for this.
Lets look at some sad scenes...

1. Dancing competition- kawaii and sad

( they looked just so awesome together...)

2. When Nakatsu finally confessed his feelings

( If he would say this to me I would definitelly fall for him! Ahhh Mizuki!!! Why you did such cruel thing to my Nakatsu?? are you stupid or something??? )
This was so cool and romantic and... just so cute :*
3. Sayonara Mizuki

I was sad when she decided to leave OHSAKA GAKUEN...

Demo when Nakatsu showed... told his emotional speech...I really got teary eyed T__T
I finally realised how much I like him... What he means to Hana Kimi... What he did for Mizuki

( Nakatsu baby why you do this to me??? Even now I want cry for you *3* )

( aaaaaw how she did not fall for you!!!! ah never mind! I want you :3 )

( YUP!!! I love NAKATSU positive logic! We all live in same planet so we CAN MEET!!! hai i totally agree :3 )
Aww this scene was such hearbreaking demodont want remember sad times.
Lets change topic :D
When you mention Nakatsu I always imagine hilarius optimistic boy whose monologues are unforgetable XD

In each episode I was waiting just for another pearl from Nakatsu mouth ( his monolouge haha )
I love how he each critical or hard  life situation try to solve by his crazy monologue XD

Lets reminds them!!! Douzo :3

1.  I want confirm I am not HOMO! monologue...

2. My future with Mizuki monologue

That sad moment when you remember lessons from Biology XD

3. Should I date her??? monologue

( LOL... I find it soo cute that he is thinking when he is starting date someone he will have kids with that person in future! Kyaa he think about his children!!! So kawaii and funny at the same time!!! Nakatsu you stupid kawaii baka :) )

4. IKE IKE GO GOOOOOO!!!! monologue

( I was so sad and happy in same time! Sad because Mizuki absolutely dont want Nakatsu and it was funny because Nakatsu got again in his own world and got carried away with feelings)

Another legendary Hana Kimi scene!!! Ike Ike go go!!!! Ore go gooooooooo!!!
and because I need it in motion...

( Gifs are again NOT MINE!!!! cr. to author )
5. LOVE STORY monologue
7. Waraii-kakkoii monologue or how Mizuki dumped Nakatsu T__T

And then it happend T__T
(aah cliché of each ended love relationship)

(my poor Nakatsu... genki dashite!!!! *3* )

( I want hug him so tightly... my babeeee come to me )

6. Detective Nakatsu Shuiichi monologue

( the most kawaii monologue *3* aah that SMILE. I love it
kyaaaa can I screeeeeeam??? )

( Yes we all know it dear hahah :* )
GIF is NOT mine! Al cr. to owner!!!!

I can't help but just LOVE and laugh like fool when see this monologues!!
And when we talk about Nakatsu we cant forget---- NAKATSU- Nose bleed Idiot XD

( YUP!!! You are kawaii baby :* )

So this is why I so love HANA KIMI 2007... It is so nostalgic. I must admit that I enjoyed to rewatch it... I laughed again and again. And I know I will rewatch it once again in future hahah I just cant get enough of this...
I think that drama/ movie is well done if people want see it again and again nee?


Well I must admit that I watched Hana Kimi remake too. ( just for comparing with original XD ) I was so disappointed. All cast were bit annoying… It was very unnatural. They absolutely changed and added a lot of dramatic moments…Also not so much humor T__T And even so little romantic moments ( even less than in original ) But at the end I kinda use to cast… Story as kinda nice too…   BUT I still dont like it much and I still must ask: WHY THEY NEEDED TO MAKE REMAKE???? T______T ( just for money???)

And Miura Shohei as NAKATSU???? LOL give me a break… He can’t beat Toma !!! NEVER!!! ( And what pissing me the most is fact about Korean and Taiwanese adaptation… No talent and no charisma XD Why they need to do adaptation of JAPANESE MANGA?????? LOL just WHY????? and they even dare to say it is better??? give me a break ok!!! hahaha)

NO one can play Nakatsu as Ikuta-sama!!!! NO one and NEVER can beat him!!!!!

And if someone dare to play Nakatsu again… well you rather dont do it!!! :)

( LOL I should calm down… I got carried away again lol XD )

But I don’t want be hater so…it is just I cant take remake of original HANA KIMI… What can be done better if that is already the best???   But each Hana Kimi is original and kinda different… SO we should enjoy both (JAPANESE ver. )nee?

Back to main theme haha  … Haters can  still ask-- Why is that Ikuta so popular as Nakatsu?
I will tell you why… It is way as he portrayed him… And he put some of his own soul to him…
That is why Nakatsu is so realistic. A
nd I believe Toma is dorky-baka (sometimes) too :)
I think I dont need say more...

HATERS... If you read this article, saw pics, watched HANA KIMI 2007 you will understand! All the best :3

LOVE and PEACE haha

So it will be all for today!

No needt to thank me Nakatsu/ Toma!!! XD XD
I had soooooo much fun doing this entry!!

And at the end I just want say:

Thank you Ikuta-san for making my life better and happier and crazier!!! Thank you for your NAKATSU… Thank you for made me your FAN!!!

Hana Kimi will be
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On this day i want introduce you Toma’s dearest people !! Yes friends and family are very very important for him… He loves his parents. Once he said:

” I am really gratefull to my parents. Even we were not very rich, they always try to give me and my bro everything!!! They raised our properly and we become good adults thanks to them….”

Toma respect and love people around him…
He said he really treasure every friendship. He had the best memories with his high school friends..
“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends…Jane Austin
I know he has a lot of non celebrity friends as well… but lets talk about his celebrity friends XD

Toma is very lovable person so he has a lot of friends.. but as he said he has about 3 best friends…—--Yamapi, Jun Matsumoto and Shun Oguri

( I must admit i missed a lot of from TomaPi and aslo some Junma moments XD but Shunma i know the best hahaha )

I think no one can forget about TOMAPI… they were so close…  They have opposite personalities but they matched perfectly together XD XD  ( They even went to same high school and Matsumoto Jun too…)
I remember when Toma said he and Yamapi argued a lot in the past… Toma is perfectionalist and Yamapi is so carefree. Toma was pissed of his careless attitude XD Etc: They arguead about shoes for their concert ( lol Toma wanted to change shoes but Yamapi said it is troublesome so just 1 pair is enough)
Well a lot of people really shipped them and ship them XD XD


I read a some stories and watched TV show where Toma talked about Yamapi XD
Their relationship was so cloooose that MC asked Toma if he and Yamapi dating XD
Then also question for Yamapi was what is Toma waekness… Yamapi said: I am Toma waekness XD

     THIS MEME IS MY WORK!!!!!!!!! (sorry I know it is lame XD)
Lol I dont think I am alone whi think they even had same hairstyle!!! XD XD ( Yamapi in BUZZER BEAT and Toma in MAJO SAIBAN)

( I am sure all Toma's fans know about this Toma's necklace :) )

And there is also that legendary mysterious necklace which Yamapi gave to Toma… I know Toma really treasures it… He wore it on magazines covers and on TV shows too… ( But he stopped to waer it few years ago... I wander what happend T__T )

( WELL… this can be again just my personal opinion but it looks like they are kinda not so close as before.I know they are adult men and also very busy… XD XD XD Well i think hey are still good friends :3 )

Then we have another long friendship with Matsumotoooooooooo JUN XD XD ( almost 19 years)
For me as fan of Arashi i really like this relationship… I like how Toma call him Matsujun XD XD as he was a memeber of Arashi XD Jun is the the most close to Toma from all Arashi members….
Toma and Jun has a a lot of in common… He and Jun go drink very often… (We can see them with Shun Oguri too XD XD)


Well i remember story where Toma said that MJ invited him to his new apartman XD. Jun showed him even his bedroom where Toma find something interesting XD ( LOOL i dont want imagine why they ended in bedroom XD XD MJ is yabaii hahaha). Sooo Toma spotted funny little lamp next to the bed. The lamp was like legs of female tango dancer… XD and the Top of lamp looked like dress.. (Toma was LOOL so hard in that TV show.. sorry i forgot name)

Then another funny story is about how Toma liked Jun perfume ( LOOOL Toma really love good smell haha… even sawger like Toma want J´s choice XD ) Toma asked him where he bought it XD. Next time they met MJ was angry on Toma that he bought same perfume XD And since that day MJ stopped to use that perfume XD XD

Well i can not help but i MUST mention TomArashi XD
I know all from Arashi like Toma and he likes them… He is just like 6th unofficial member…Is it only me or he calls each member another way?? For example: Ohno-san ( but he try to call him Ohno-kun lol) – he respect him the most, Matsujun and Sho-kun- very close relationship ( DRINKING BUDDIES LOL) Aiba-chan- close friends too ( friends for 19 yrs)  haha AND then Nino- well jut NINO XD ( ??)  hmm well this 2 are absolute opposite characters but still friends...

Kyaaa.... ARASHI are finally togetger ( lool ok I am just joking XD XD, dont kill me!!!)

I love how atmosphere change when he is guest in their show…  He is like revived… He seem more hyper and happier when he is with them XD And they look at him as their younger bro… I love it!!!I love this brotherhood XD XD Haha and the most funny is how he always defeat them in VSA (Vs Arashi XD)

I know this feeling is for both sides bittersweet… I feel they also know and feel awkward about past… But Toma and Arashi are best as they are.. I am happy he is not in Arashi so he can concentrate in his acting career!!! But also Arashi are the best as they are :) :)

And last the legendary duoShunXToma or SanoX Nakatsu OR Tat-chanXIkuo ( I cant decide which duo i love the most lol XD)
I remember how Toma said they get to know each other… They were in some radio show… That time they did know each other well ( it was before Hana Kimi XD) Toma said: „I thought this man was sooooo annyoing XD XD but It takes me some time to like him as friend haha“

They really become so close during Hana KImi… Well after 12 ( and maybe more ) times kissing you really change your attitude towards someone lol. Shun enjoyed it. He said Toma lips were so soft.. XD ( kyaa envious of Shun :P) — Homo ja naii!!!! XD XD XD
Well their friendship is really nice and  close. Shun invited Toma to his wedding in Hawaii. And after his daughter was born he let unlce Toma to take care after her :3 :3 ( kyaa how a lucky baby ) Toma also often hang out with Shun and his wife during dinner…

Well I really enjoyed OUROBOROS!!! ( T_____T )  Shun and Toma... their brotherhood relationship was the best!!! Every episode was amazing ( Ok I will let this to future article about OUROBOROS XD ) I love how they portrayed bsolutely different roles as in Hana Kimi!!! Both this dramas are my dearest!!!

Toma is also close to Shunsuke Kazama, Jin Akanishi or Masaki Okada

Well and I forgot to mention someone really important!!!! Toma little brother RYUUSEI!!!! This two really have good and nice relationship. You can feel true brother love from them ( kyaa their are so cute together, Ryuusei is so shy and respects his big Aniki… And Toma is so casual and try to calm  down his lil bro XD kyaa so sweet)  :3 Even they are busy still can find time to meet!! They are very very close… They even was in Osozoki no himawari and then in some TV shows!!! ( God bless director of Osozoki…. XD)

I cant forget one TV show where Toma was guest… His bro Ryuusei told that when they were little they took bath together… Toma said to Ryuusei he will shower his hair. So Ryuusei closed his eyes XD And then… Toma peed on him ( OK when i was watching this i was really shocked and amused in same time XD XD XD Poor Ryuusei) hahaha

Well everybody loves Toma, he is such perfect son, brother, friend, actor… PERSON!!!! ( he is my inspiration :3) I am so happy he is surrounded by awesome people who loves him :3
I wish one day he find real love and have nice family… He will be awesome hubby and daddy *3*
As he said: “ I dont wanna rush to marriage. To be able to be good husband and father i need to be good actor. My career is the most important for me now!!!”

Toma, no matter what you decide to do, I ( and lot of your fans) will support you!!! Please be always happy :)

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