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Hello guys!
Despite beeing busy with my school (yup again T_T *sob* ) I could not and didn't want miss opportunity to write this post.
I would like to write about Toma's upcoming movie and his visit to Berlin, because I think no one in fandom makes any action to write/talk about it (which is kinda sad :/ ). I will try keep it short and brief. (but
WARNING little bit fangirling included XD)
jaaa hajimemashou!

About the new movie
As you might know Toma's newest movie will hit cinemas on 25th february this year. The name of the movie is Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa (When they knit seriously/ Close knit in english).
He plays Rinko, a transgender woman. "She" works as a nurse in elderly house. Rinko's boyfriend Makio(Kiritani Kenta) has sister who left her daughter Tomo. Makio decides to take care of Tomo together with Rinko. (that is all I know so far hehe)

*you can watch trailer and read more info here http://asianwiki.com/Close-Knit or here http://kareamu.com/

My thoughts/opinion about the movie...

I dont want to exaggerate, BUT I have strong feeling this movie will be soooo awesome and perfect!!!
I remember when I first read the news I was like eeeeeh? yadaaaa :P Toma? transgender? that is horrible :P Actually I was afraid that it will be again some perv comedy :P, gosh I am sooo happy I was mistaken XD).
Now when I think about the movie I am sooo proud of Tomacchi!!!
But to be honest, I dont think many people understand the weight of this movie...
Firstly it is the first japanese movie about this topic and Toma is first japanese actor and Johnny's ever who portrayed a transgender (ok you can see men dressed up as women for fun in some jdramas, but this time it is serious! Correct me if I am mistaken...). What is more the director is a woman which is not so common too.
Secondly, it is big challenge and chance too to show everybody his talent as an actor, who can portray even this "complicated" kind of roles. I am reaaally rooting for him and I am so proud of him that he worked so hard and is not afraid to portray this difficult role!!! I saw trailer and I am not disgusted or anything. Actually it made me even more excited to finally watch it. It looks to be very emotional, sweet, bittersweet story. Really cant waiit!!

Look.. this is Toma as Rinko ♥♥♥ he is soooo damn beautiful isn't he? T_T  
                                                                            and here is the poster

Toma in Berlin:
And why I am talking about this movie? Because it is becoming more and more popular and it got an award at 67th Berlin International Film festival!!!! Yup TOMA WENT TO BERLIIIIIN!!! ( yeeeaaah ONLY 677 km from meeee T_T  ) Of course I am soooo proud, hyper and exicited and soo happy for him but, damn what makes me sad is that it was his 3th time beeing in Europe and I still could not meet him :P
But I wont rant about my little depression about not being able to go to Berlin, but I want share this photos with youuu. (they are NOT mine! cr. to owner on watermark)


za picspam ♥ )
and there are some pics from movie♥♥♥

Rinko ♥ )

So minnaaaaa... Did you enjoy this article? and pic spam? What do you think about this kind of movie? Or did you see Toma in Berlin? Let me know your thoughts :D
Comments are always appreciated and I love to read them (and reply to them)  ♥

before I say "sayonara"  I have little BONUS for you ... TOMA SPOKE ENGLISH!!!
Yup he spoke english! And know what? He is so damn perfect!!! (I dont mind if he memorised it, he did great.) And his pronuncation (despite him being  japanese) was nearly perfect!!! I am sooo happy he gained courage to speak in english!! ♥He got applause and hearts of foreigners were his hehe :3

It was refreshing for me to be again active just a bit in Toma fandom after long time. I hope you enjoyed this article and see you soon guys! Let's wait for some Toma news and releases of DVDs of his new films! ♥ Byeee ♥

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Hello minnaaaaaa!!! Miss me? XD well I miss Toma's fandom...so miss it. And fangirling, but I will NEVER ever forget my ichi!!! ♥♥♥ (even previous posts were mainly about Arashi hehe). Today I woudl like to do little celebration!!! yeeeey and this very short post is dedicated to Toma's anniversary. I think I dont need to rant a lot to show my respect, affection ,love and pride for Toma :3 I cant stop adore this man!!! Gosh I am so proud hehe *sob*

11.2.2017 yup…it is hereee... Tomaaaa-kuuuun, omedetouuu for all your hard work you did in that 21 years in big family which JE is! Dont mind haters! You are and always will be part of this family. I am so gratefull you decided to stay there. You overcomed hardships, gained lot of skills and was able to prove your talent. Those 3 years I have been your fan it was amazing to see your way to become successful actor and also great man. I am so proud beeing your fan. Please continue to pursue your goals and be always that Toma I know. Thank you for helping me in hard times, for giving me inspiration, for making me happy. For me you will always be little bit different in JE familyforever the special one! Cant wait for your surprises in 2017!!!

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Hiiii minnaaa!!! I know, this post might be a little bit different from what I use to write about. But I still decided to post it. I hope it can help some of you who want order from Japan and dont know how, or is afraid to...
Well to be honest I dont buy a lot ( nah no money xD ) I just ordered twice and in this post will talk about both my experiences :)

*I am from Europe (Slovakia), so this post might be useful mostly for European fangirls

So here are the sites I used for ordering and I trust :)


So my very first order was from this site http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/ . I think you might hear about it. This site is very very good and lot of people trust it. It have mainly (or only) new/ never used goods.
Firstly you have to create account in it and then it is really easy to shop and also place order :) (you have there also explanation how to order and also about shipping etc. ) You can choose from various shipping methods which is most suitable for you. The shipping has different price and time of delivery. They will contact you about order via your mail, so dont worry :) (and you can also contact them)

My experience with CD JAPAN

My order from this site Toma Ikuta Photobook- Endless fight.
I choosed SAL shipping, which is the cheapest ( yeah poor fangirl here XD ) but the slowest and it does NOT have tracking!!! About the price... book was 1300yen (10 euro) and shipping was 700yen (5 euro) .
I oredered it last year in december and it came after month and week. ( I think it might came sooner, but there was Christmas holidays) After month I was quite worried what happened (because it said after 3 week I will got the book.) But they soon write me e-mail and kindly explained that package is still on way and that is alright :) it made me feel less worried.
Fortunatelly it came in very good state, carefully packed and undamaged. So I am satisfied :) :) :)

Here is package of the book. It really was safely packed :)

And here is the photobook :3
FRONT                                                                            BACK

This book was gift for my 17th birthday. It was my 1st Toma stuff and 1st thing from Japan so I was hyper like Nakatsu when it came (you did not want see me during opening package XD)
I have to admit I did not really know which pics will be inside and I think that made me buy it lol XD
I must say I regret nothing XD. Book has pics mainly from Toma's stage plays (which is super duper mega for me), then some pics from dramas promotion (Maou, Majo saiban, VOICE) and some YAMAPI pics and cutes series of chibi Toma and Toma as a student  :)

hereee are some (i know very bad quality ) precious Tomacchi photos :3
Yeah I nearly fainted when saw OHMAAA xD                                             ...and yup that's MJ :3

my cutieeee                                                and it has many chibi pics :3
(I have scanned the book, If you are interested PM me :), later I might post link )


And my next and latest order was from this site http://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/
This internet shop is mainly used by "otakus" and anime figures collector, but also we fangirls can find some idol goods there haha. Well this shop has mainly secondhand products so the products are much more cheaper than in Cd japan. You have description of "damage" about each product (in many cases it is just "only opened" or some little scratch at cover, nothing serious" The more damaged is product the lowest is price )
You have to create again an account. Shopping and ordering is similar than as in Cd japan or as in any other internet shops. Again you can choose from shipping methods and you will got mail about your order. ( I heard there was some cases where people have to wait long until they write them back, but they always write at the end. It is just language barrier.)

My experience with MANDARAKE

I dont know Mandarake very well, because I just used it once and I bough CD (not mags, or penlights or t-shirts...) To be honest I was quite worried if the "secondhand product" will work. But after I asked my nice arashian friends who use Mandarake, they reassurd me it will and it is trustworthy shop.They said everything what they ordered was fine.
I have to admit that I find the shop more  "confusing" than Cd japan. Like you have same products but from various sellers (Mandarake is one big shop which consists of some small ones shops hehe ) and it has different prices and also informations can be a little bit different. So you have to find product you want, to check if it has good quality+ find the best price :P so you have to be more skilled in online shopping I would say.

This time I had dilemma which one cd I will buy ( I wanted LOVE or FUKKATSU LOVE cd ) but finally I realised Arashi PV with Ikuta in it... this wont repeat ( oh how I wish yes XD ) so yeah I bought FUKKATSU LOVE LE (limited edition)

Again I choosed SAL shipping (my parents wont allow me to pay more for shipping ) but I could track it (Mandarake has this option ). I ordered it on 14th november this year and it came on 9th december (so today xD) Price of the CD was 1200 yen (9 euro) and shipping 680 yen (5 euro).
Everything went smooth and my CD was delivered safe and undamaged :)


Both CD and DVD works perfectly, mini photobook is without damage.  Again I am satisfied and I learned I should never been worried about japanese services :3 they are the best haha


DVD with ( that amazing Tomarashian heaven ) PV and making of PV

CD (consists FUKKATSU LOVE, Affection, Affection karaokere ver.)

aaand the mini photobook ( just look at that kawaii Sho-chaaan :3 )

Kyaa I am still so excited and happyyy!! This is my very first CD and ARSHI CD!!!  And I am so damn pleased I choosed FUKKATSU LOVE!
This whole Toma-was-allowed-to-be-with-Arashi in PV thing make soo excited, overjoyed, and be on 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% in fangirling mode!!!
This is for me as an Tomarashian legendary moment I will cherish it :3
Sorry for long post (lol again it turned to be longer and more subjective than I wanted :P ) I hope maybe this my ranting can help somebody.
See you next time :)
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The long awaited day has comeeee!!! My darling, sunshine, prince Mr.perfect Tomacchi has BDAAAAY yeeey!!!!!
*ehm* One of the most amazing person I know and truly adore (love) has birthdaaaay!!! ♥‿♥
( nooo I know it is cliche but look he is NOT 32!!! :P )
My dear Toma please enjoy your special day with all your beloved people. Stay healthy, happy (cute, damn sexy and perfect, always full of energy and good mood dork)and continue kill me( all Tomaniacs) with everything you do! Please just stay always the same person. This year sure were busy, some your work I really appreciateand some less (ehm e.g.REIJI2) Just take some rest for now and I hope you has lot of surprises next year. Everything I wanted say I have already said throug my challenge.
I am sure that you will always have special place in my
kokoro :3 Luv u

- your fan from Slovakia (in case you will read it, but I know it is arienai!!)


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jajajajajajaaaa the last day of my challenge is here!!! ( it really ended so faast, but I am proud of myself I was able to DO IT properlyyy!! yattaaaa!!!)
I think some of you migh have seen this pics but they are so precious to me :3  Aaah what to say more ???…
he is such cutie since he was born!!! Totally the cutiest citicle cutieeeeee eveeer !!!! *kyaaaaa*

Anyhoo I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as me. I had really great time…
Through this challenge I was able to revive everything I adore about Toma and why I am his fan. I also realised it is probably my last time celebrating Toma’s birthday properly (yeah exams and fast comming cruel university life is calling me :P) But I will alwas try find some (maybe little) time(for my prince :3 for small praty yey! (I hope)

So If you remembered Toma, or share similar opinion about him as me or just my post made you smile because of Toma cuteness/coolness etc. then my idea was succesful.
If you like, let me know what you think abou this challenge. I would be very happy :3
Thank you for support and my friend for sharing some Toma's pics with me :3 :3 :3

btw HAPPY BIRTDAY Mr.Ikutaaaaa!!!! :3 :3 :3 (yes I know I am bit late in lj :P)

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Since that 3 years I know Toma, it was fun to see him grow not just as person but also as an actor.
From cute, unsure, shy boy he sure has grown up to be georgeous, talented and charismatic man.
I love the feeling when watching Toma’s video and he still is that mischievous, funny and cute boy inside.
When I compare some of his older vids with new he still does the same gestures and talk same way :3 and it is soo sweet…

The feeling he matured but still is somehow same person inside makes me very happy.

I am soo pleased and proud to be Tomanaic. For me Toma is example and big inspiration. Whoever said Toma was ugly or plain and that he is not right person to be in Johnny’s must probably be blind (and baka) !!! I hate it totally! But..haters gonna hate!!! (Just look at that cutieee :3 :3 :3) But he proved that when nobody believes in you, you lost some friends and faith in yourself you still have to keep going and fight no matter what! Fight and show people you are able to do better than them (maybe in another way, but better).
Thank you Toma-kun for everything :3

BONUS :P ( please dont kill me )

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Lately Toma often wears black clothes…and of course it really suits him and he is always stylish:3 but I somehow miss his old playful and more casual style…Older he gets he is more and more fashion cosncious. I cant decide if I like myterious sexy cool Toma or playfull, sporty, energetic not-so-into fashion Toma. Anyhoo Toma can wear anything and still look georgeous.

my collage :3

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Toma never attendet real fashion show (but he would made amazing model tho :P ) This little runway walk with Ohno is just unforgettable. Look at that look at Oh-chan :3 KYAAAA!!!

Gif is NOT mine!!!
( cr. to. @veeeeecky :3 http://veeeeecky.tumblr.com/post/20912711437/i-love-how-they-looked-at-each-other-xd )

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Let me say it briefly- Toma Ikuta sure kicked some korean’s butts in Soul!!! (and totally nailed it in Ouroboros and Brain man) I love his enthusiasm when he is working out (please Toma share some motivation with me XD) and even he is deadly tired still enjoys himself. I adore how he worked so hard to achieve best results and to transform his body (to gain some more smexy muscles :3 ) I am proud he proved to everybody he truly is an ACTION KING!!!

Vid is MINEEE!!!! cr. if use :3 enjooy :3

(I used: Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai 2015.01.15- Toma went to Korea to prepare for his action scenes in Ouroboros, BONUS vid is from No otoko training :3 )

Song: ONE OK ROCK- You can do everything

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this killing poker face stare*dies*

THIIIIIIS ohdamnshitmegasuperduper smexy abs!!!!! *death of nosebleed* (waaaant touch dat perfeect abs TT_TT)

oh aaaand thiiiis strong sexy back *already in coma*

hai almost naked smexy damn hot Ikuta with his iron body is one of the reaosons why I mecha mecha rab No otoko (Brain man)!!! This scene could be possibly compete Anan mag XD. Toma’s hard work has really brought amazing success :3 (and I dont mean movie only XD)


(whoever did this amazing collage God bless you :3 cr. to rightful owner)
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To be honest I dont like when Toma has blonde hair :P It bothers me a lot! I can only accept Nakatsu and Yano with blonde hair XD But this year blonde hair suited Toma well. He is the only Japanese who can look so good blonde. :3 :3 :3

my collage!

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I saw this photo (like month ago) but I am still shocked, pleased, proud and at the same time amazed, how such masculine man as Toma can look so gentle and feminine. I have to admit he is truly beautiful as woman (even more than some women)!!!! (aaaaw Tomacchiii why you always have to be so georgeous, so pretty so perfect? everything suits you!!!)

The 1st time I heard Toma would play transgender woman I was very disappointed and critical. I was like “eeh? why another stupid and rubbish comedy? (yeah I am reffering to Mole song :P) But I am soo glad I was mistaken. As I read more infos I have to tell you I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED  AND HAPPY to see this special movie!!! I cant wait to see Toma as I have never seen him before. I know he nailed it !! (and he will win award for it!! He must!! Definitelly!!!) Toma I am so proud of you for taking such role! I am rooting for you and show to everybody how great actor you are!

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I am totally in love with this pic. The hair, his eyes and liiips!!! Aah I dont want exaggerate but oh come on!!! He is sooooo perfect to be real!!! And 100% natural!!! Why they still re-touch such damn georgeous person??

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When I was thinking about which pics I will use I decided to use Toma at that theater’s stage not from times he performed as singer or dancer…Why? Because Toma belongs to theater and loves theaters more than anything else and he shines just there- at the place where art of acting was born….
Enjoy this collage of his most important stage plays. :3

“When I am on stage I feel like naked. I feel like I can make new start from there…” Ikuta Toma

“Theater is like holy place for me.” Ikuta Toma

“I was given the chance to play many important roles. I became more strong and more sure about acting. I am fragile person, but I think as long as I Iike acting and tell something to audience by it, I will be all right…” Ikuta Toma

“This is the place I belong to and want to stay there forever…”(reffereng to theater’s stage.)- Ikuta Toma

“My real and only occupation is actor.” Ikuta Toma

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Toma is king of cuteness and his gestures and peace signs are always kawaii :3 :3 :3

collage is mine!

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Ah yattaa!!! I am finally done with this video XD Hope you guys will like dancing cute Toma!!! He sure is versatile talented and he dances well (ok not all the time :P ) (Shit!! Somebody pweeease finally explain me how 31 years old man can be so damn CUTEEE and ADORKABLEEE af!!! )

Video is MINE!!! (but I do NOT own orignal tv shows/dramas and Toma :P
visit my tumblr for more https://www.tumblr.com/blog/tomatoliciousheya)

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Toma and singing/music…Every Tomaniac knows bittersweet feeling when it comes to this topic. Why? Because everybody knows how Toma had to stop singing (or better said he lost interest in singing T_T)  and I totally understand why he does not want be singer anymore and just focus at acting!! Hatters gonna hate but TOMA REALLY KNOWS HOW TO SING!!! (and he sing hell damn very well, for me his voice is more better than Pi’s ok gonna kill me :P) For me this performance in Domoto Kyodai is legendary!!! It was my first Toma’s singing vid I have saw and later I realised how much courage he had to take to sing after 7 or 8 years. Later I compared old vids when he sang and this perform in Domoto and realised sad thing (for me)…Toma enjoyed singing and was more lively in old vids but now in Domoto he sure sang well,but he was so focused on every tone and just to everything be perfect…no joy… But I am happy he loves to sing in theathres where he feels like at home.

Toma, please for your fans never stop singing in your musicals and stage plays! We love you and dont care about haters anymore!! You proved for whole JE agency how versatile artist you are and you created your “own name”!! I am so proud of you!! :3 :3 :3

if you are interested in video from show douzo :3  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dqmjh8WRI0
(vid is NOT mine)

Btw the collage is (my work) from Domoto Kyodai where Toma performed Kanashimi no hateni cover
If you want song, go there (https://a.tumblr.com/tumblr_oe0ujqf7o51ua2xgho1.mp3)

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I think I don’t need to explain why is Ikuta so damn hot and perfect in Kimono!!! Enjoy Iku-perfection :3 :3

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To be honest this is only pic of Toma with car I have (and I saw) XD. I think he can drives because in one show he mentioned he was thinking about buying a car, but he decided not to because there is no space for parking near his apartment :P I would love to see him in some stylish car more often tho XD

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(prepare yourself I will rant a loot :P)

Toma is extremely lovable and nice person so it is not suprising a lot of people want be close to him. But as he said he considers just 3 people as his best friends-Shun, Jun and Yamapi :3 (ofc I he also said he has good friends with non-celebrities too) and he truly cherish them.

As Tomarashian any Toma’s interaction with Arashi is making me fangirl like crazy. XD I really love how Toma changes mood in Arashi’s bangumis. (I love DoS Jun towards Tomacchi XD ) I know it must be difficult for young Tomacchi when Arashi debuted, and how much he was hurted but I love to seeing him satisfied and happy as he is now :) I adore how he see Arashi as senpais-friends and wants support them.

Shun was the 1st person I get to know as Toma’s friend. Hana Kimi is unforgetable for me (and so is Ouroboros) :3 These two are perfect example that even person you dont like at firs glance can become your best friend :) They are so close that Toma cares (sometimes) about Shun’s daughter.

Unfortunatelly I was not fan during Tomapi or 4TOPS/3TOPS era. But I really do think Toma cares a lot about Pi. He treasures him a lot even they do not appear together on TV. They still support each other. It would be nice if they colaborated again somewhere tho :)

What I admire about Toma. he loves his lil-bro Ryuusei a lot and has very good relationship with him (omg what is more perfect than Ikuta bros? Ikuta bros togetheeeer!!) Toma, even he is busy always finds time for  with him and for his little niece :3 :3 :3

Sorry for loong post :P at least enjoy my collage :3 (you can let me know who do you like to see Toma with :) )

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