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The man who I would like to write about today celebrates his birthday on Christmas. He is quite tall and  has slender figure. He has thick healthy hair and he always wears a friendly bright smile which makes him extra cute. He is that type of person who brings happiness and good mood whenever he goes to. He has pure heart and child like, funny mind. Sometimes he can look pretty airheaded and clumsy. He loves animals, nature and simple things in life. Even he is top idol, he is very humble and natural, simply he is beeing always honest and himself... and all this draws people´s affection to him and they can´t stop love him.

(jajajaaa yup I bet you knew right away that it is Masaki Aiba-kun I am speaking about :3
and with this post I want celebrate his birhtday. I put all my effort to express my own opinion about our Miracle boy. If you are interested to read it douzoo :3 )

Sunshine smile- yes the innocent, heartwarming and honest smile which melts everybody's heart. The smile which makes miracles, the smile which brings good mood and optimism wherever his owner goes to. The smile which you must adore and smile back even you dont want to. The smile which resemlbes child's smile... That smile owns Aiba-kun. For me Aiba is "sunshine of Arashi". No one can create as cheerful mood as him.

"I don’t smile because I’m happy,
I smile because something good might happen if I do.”

"Mr. Fun"- Aiba-kun is king of unplanned fun. And that is what I adore about him. Yes, he does not try to be funny, but still his actions end in funny way. With his cute clumsiness and spontageous character he never stops amusing his fans and friends and he does not mind making fun of himself. In my opinion it is very charming and lovable but sometimes I wish others don't bully him so often with all "baka-san" thing.

"I prefer jokes that don’t hurt anyone.”
Top idol with flaws- To be honest there are so little celebrities as honest, as natural and as themselves as Masaki Aiba. He is not afraid to show his emotions, tears or even flaws. What left impression on me about him, is that he accepts and is not ashamed of his birthmark. It is said he is sad when he is persued to wear clothes which does not show his birthmark or that it is beeing retouched... Actually I think that his birthmark is cute and very special. It is nothing to be ashamed of and I understand why it hurts him when it is beeing retouched. In this world which priority is perfection I really adore Aiba for showing us he is ordinary human same as we are. He does not act as "look at me, I am the top idol so adore me!" We arashians love him for him beeing himself right? :3
(actually I think it is very beautiful :3 isn't it?)
Model-san- Ok this might sounds like I am neglecting my previous opinion about Aiba beeing ordinary etc. BUT yeah he has also good sense of fashion and knows well what suits him. I just love to see "another Aiba" time to time...(The seductive and selfconscious Aiba who loves doing fanservices for us XD)
No need to explain why JunMa is called "model pair" ne?            Now you won't agree Aiba is ordinary man :"(

Sho-chan's best friend- Actually I was not sure (and still I am not) if I should add this to my post. To be honest I am not into shipping members and pairings etc. but I DO think Sakuraiba are very close. Yes Arashi are group which shows ideal friendship and Aiba is loved by all members, but since when I came to this fandom, I always thought "Ah Sho and Aiba are really good friends. And wow Sho acts different when he is with Aiba. He is more comfortable and is enjoying himself the most." I think their friendship is build on sharing different point of life. Like they show each other what the other one miss.
I really enjoy when they interact with each other and you can feel that frendship overload hehe. (if you are not sure what I am talking abaout just watch "Sakuraiba Chiba date" XD )

The boy with saxophophone- "Woow Aiba can play saxophone?!" that was my first (in good way) shocked reaction. I know how difficult is to play saxophone so it made Aiba look even more kakkoii and special in my eyes. And then I started to wonder: "Does he still can play it? And if yes, why he is not talking about it?". Actually answers for my questions made me sad. I get to know about Aiba's problems with lungs, how he suffered and could not dance ,sing beeing with Arashi...and watching him speaking about it during Hawaii blast document made me realise how much he loves Arashi, music and what he does he is doing with all his heart. I soo wish he can play saxophone someday in the future :"( This all made big impression on me and I think his past made him stronger and he tries his best to enjoy everything what comes to his life.

“I’m taking my time to feel each and every thing, but I’m still moving forward without coming to a stop.”

“A new path will open up for you if you do your very best to overcome whatever is going on at the moment.”

“No matter how slow I might be going, it’s okay as long as I don’t come to a complete stop.”

Nature lover- Ok I have to admit it. I have fettish to see Aiba with animals. Like what can be more cute? Shimura dobutsen is his BEST tv show and I love watching it. Unfortunately the legendary Aiba with tigers, lions and another wild animals times (where he spoke his Engrish and nearly got killed by some tiger etc. ) sure ended (which is such a pity T_T *sob*) but I dont mind seeing Aiba attacked by puppies, or showing kids some rare animals or just teach some celebrities what fenek is (right Toma? XD). This show is gold and Aiba can show his affection and yup some knowledge about animals there :3
And i truly agree his quotation
"Life without a dog is not life." (aaw sorry I am beeing personal)

Just to remind you this legendary times XD (meme and gif  is not mine. cr. to owner! )

Yasashii onii-chan- I bet if I ask you who is the most kindest from Arashi, your answer would be Aiba. Why? Well If you are in Arashi fandom for longer time you dont need to explanation. Just the way he see the world, interacts with children, elderly people or just with things you can tell how gentle he is. He don't mind beeing called baka or beeing bullied and I have never seen him angry or argue with anybody. He is that person who offers help to anybody, who is thankful for simple things in life and will aways smile even he is hurt. That is Aiba's kindness...That's Aiba Masaki to me.

(not mine pic. cr. to owner!)

OH MY GOOOD....this post became sooo lame and full of boring rambling. (gomen ne Aiba-kun :/ I really did not plan write it so long :P ) For anybody who is still reading it, Arigatouu :3

I know, I am late, and it looks like I have been neglecting my lj and Aibacchi’s bday..,demooo school and later Christmas preparations did not let me fangirling…but beter later than never, soo
HAPPY happy BIRTHDAAAY Miracle Sunshine boooy!!! I am so happy to see that you did not changed. You are still that airheaded, funny and hardworking Aiba-kun I know. Please stay healthy and spend your day with people who love you. Wish you success and show all haters how great you can be as MC!! Wishing you only best and pleaaase never stop spreading that optimism, joy and fun with us :3 Please never stop creating storm with that 4 dorks. Yoroshikuu :3

aaand MERRY CHRISTMAAAAS minnaaaa. Hope you have good time and enjoy holidays to the fullest. Thank you for reading my journal and this looong post. See you soon :3

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