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Me:Hello, Hello minna! Ogenki desu kaaaa?  Did you missed me? haha Noooo? But I bet you missed Toma nee? So I want make another challenge day. Well today topic will be kinda strange?! Soo…

Toma:Yo! T-chan why this chellenge post will be strange?

Me:Eeh? Toma-kun?( doki doki)  Bikkurishita! Welcome, haha you are somehow curious nee?

Toma:Mochiron! It will be about me, so I must read it! haha I hope you won’t mess up this challenge! Just joking!!!

Me:hahaha I hope I wont mess it! (blushing) GANBARIMASUUUUUU!!!!

Toma:haha Hai ganbatte! ,BTW you stopped posting entries for 2 weeks. Something happened?

Me:aaah I feel really sorry Toma-kun,but I am still busy with school. You know exams period is so long…

Toma:Oh, I see. I dont want interupt your study. School is important! Be sure to learn properly! Good luck in study.

Me:Haaaai! Btw you sound like my aniki XD haha. And you help me learning! I have motivation ( somehow feel ashamed ) Haha

Toma:LOOL! Haha, gomen I got carried away. I did not want be like some serious adult lol. Hmm even I should be one. I am 31 nee? hahaha Btw lets get back to topic.

Me:lol yes! We talk too much again nee?

Toma:haha yes! So what this post be about?

Me:Well I came up with idea when I looked in calendar. I saw that today is the latest day of LIBRA zodiac this year.

Toma:haha well October will end soon nee? Libra month?

Me:Yup! And you was born in zodiac of libra.

Toma:woaah! You know it well nee? But how is this connected with your challenge?

Me:( inner laughing! OFC!!!! This is trivial thing to know! XD hahaha)

Hmm when I read about Libra man characterictic it perfectly matched to Toma-kun… Toma-kun is very typical LIBRA MAN: Well I am not into zodiac and so on but I want make you ( and my fellow Toma-lovers ) read what I find. If you want…

Toma:Woaaah! This is kinda interesting! Yes I want read it!

Me:Ok, but this post will be or is very, I am sorry but douzooo! ( totally embarassed again :P )

Toma:Ie ie ie! Show me!! I am very curious hahaha

Toma: ( got that sexy serious look of interest which slowly start to be kawaii smiling face…)

Me:( breathing slowly, doki doki, and try to stay calm…)

( OMG!!! WHAT nonsense I am writing there? T___T  I am sorry for this )

I get inpiration on internet and make my own points of PERFECT LIBRA MAN

A Libra man is certainly one of a kind person with magic in his eyes ( he try to hide joy but also sadness in them )

and sweetness in his voice which can melt every heart.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9B04d3UoO0

This man is well know for having great taste in everything. He is that stylish man who is not afraid to have SWAG,

Not enough???...

but is always kind, polite with good manners.
He is also very sharp and genuine person with very artistic and unique soul.

Well even he has bad days when he is very moody… That is when he need find his own balance and harmony
Even he loves to be around people, he also needs to be alone…
But when you are with him you can see his magnetic charm.

His easy going, friendly, energetic and peacefull character make him so lovable.

And lastly, what you never can overlook is his
gorgeous smile.

“ If you ever think people are jealous of you, they are. Your smile brings life into this unkempt world. And nobody will ever be able to make this world a better place than you ever will! “ ( this is so beautiful quote, I am sorry, I dont find author )

Toma: Woaaah!!!! T-chan… gosh… this is so... nice!!! LOL I am ashamed and also pleased and happy. I never looked at myself like this.

Me: (totally embarassed, asking myself why I showed Toma this stupid post) Ehm… (cant talk normally)  thank you for reading Toma-kun! I think a lot of people see you like this…

Toma: Really hmm? Thank you so much T-chan. Gosh I am perfect libra man? hahaha sugoii!!! I am touched really...

Me: haha, well I am happy you like it. But I will try to do better post next time!

Toma: I wonder, which topic will you talk about next.

Me: haha himitsu desu!!! ;)

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