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toma_nian98: (Default)

I saw this photo (like month ago) but I am still shocked, pleased, proud and at the same time amazed, how such masculine man as Toma can look so gentle and feminine. I have to admit he is truly beautiful as woman (even more than some women)!!!! (aaaaw Tomacchiii why you always have to be so georgeous, so pretty so perfect? everything suits you!!!)

The 1st time I heard Toma would play transgender woman I was very disappointed and critical. I was like “eeh? why another stupid and rubbish comedy? (yeah I am reffering to Mole song :P) But I am soo glad I was mistaken. As I read more infos I have to tell you I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED  AND HAPPY to see this special movie!!! I cant wait to see Toma as I have never seen him before. I know he nailed it !! (and he will win award for it!! He must!! Definitelly!!!) Toma I am so proud of you for taking such role! I am rooting for you and show to everybody how great actor you are!

toma_nian98: (Default)
Hiiii minna-saaaan!! I am baaaaack (just for short time T_T) I know I know, I had loooong hiatus :P and I did not finshed my Toma challenge( I bet you dont remember )... Firstly I had to say I am very busy with my school (very very busy T_T) and also my private life is very hectic. I am more active on my tumblr blogs (since that is much faster to use) tho. About my 30 day Toma challenge, I decided to continue when I will be more free and feel like posting to lj (I dont know when :P sorry) so I will put it on hiatus (unfortenutelly). And I am so sorry to annouce I will be on hiatus with lj posting again (my exams are coming T_T) BUT... I am fangirl with whole my heart and yesterday was my darling's birthday!!! YEEEY!!!! And as celebration I came up wiiiith (another) Toma's pics challenge!! (and yes this time I finished it XD)

Sooo if you are interested... douzooooo!!!! :3 :3 :3

(this is plan of challenge :3 i hope you will like it :D )
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