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Apr. 1st, 2017

toma_nian98: (Default)

This challenge suddenly appeared in Arashi fandom. When one of my friends (on fb) tagged me to do this challenge I decided to accept it. I just had to answer these 18 questions because Arashi are turning 18 ( as me XD ) this year 😊 I am sharing my answers here as well... Jaaaa hajimemashouuuu  😃


*1.Which year did you became an Arashian?
= end of 2014/ start of 2015

*2. Which member baited you and how?
=Oh-chan. :3 I watched Maou and fell in love with Truth song ♥ I became interested who sing that beautiful song and found Arashi.

*3. Who is your ichiban when you started?
= aaah yadaaaa... I dont like that “ichiban” thing at all. I love ‘em all, demo Ohno-kun will always be little bit more special cos he brought me to fandom.
& if you changed, Who is your Ichiban now?
=ehm as I said all of them XD

*4. What was your first concert when you became a fan?
=My very first con was Hawaii blast (20015) ♥ and I am so glad it was this special con. I could see all the love, strong friendship, hard work and emotions which connects Arashi.

*5. Emoticon your Arashi rank?
= 🌈 ( I love them equally :3 that’s why I used “rainbow”)

*6. Your first Arashi official merchandise?
= Fukkatsu love LE CD ♥♥♥

*7. Fave Concert (the one you keep on repeat mode) ?
= Love, 5x10, Digi, Japonism, Hawaii Blast (I simply can’t choose just 1 )

*8. Fave Song (group) from your favorite concert?
 = Japonism-  BOKURA GA TSUNAIDEIKU                                                =5x10- 5x10                                                                              =Love- Ai wo utaou                                                                                      =Popcorn- refrain, facedown

Oh yeah, A RA SHI, PARADOX? Troublemaker  in every con XD

*9. Give me your FAVORITE QUOTE FROM A SONG & WHO SAID IT that has help you and has been your source of strength?

aaah so difficult to choose :P

“Smile again, thank you
Smile again, we were born while crying
But we're probably strong in a pinch” /Kansha kangeki ame arashi/

"People are people You are yourself
When you tried to compare them, you were losing
The strength not to be defeated by yourself
It will break through any wall   At times, it's okay to cry                                                                                  
It's also okay to show your weak points  But don't give up there  You can still do it                                                       
That dream of the future " /Fight song/

*10. TOP 5 Favorite Arashi GROUP SONG? (soo difficult, aah I love all their songs XD)

2.Kansha kangeki
4.be with you

*11. TOP 5 fave dramas of your ichiban?

Um I am sorry but I will change it... fave drama of each member XD

Ohno: Maou                                                                                                    
Sho: Kazoku game                                                                                          
Aiba: My girl                                                                              
Nino: Yamada Taro Monogatari                                                                    
Jun: Smile

*12. Give me your 2 fave songs from each boy?

= Nino: Doko ni demo aru uta,  Mata Kyou to Onaji Asu ga Kuru
=Ohno: Rain, Take me faraway
=Aiba: Namida no Nagareboshi, Hello Goodbye
=Sakurai: Taboo, Rolling days
=Jun: Yabai yabai yabai, Shake it!

*13. Fave games played in VS Arashi?
= Cliff Climbing, kicking sniper,pinball runner (I like all XD)

*14. Favorite Album? ( the one on repeat mode).
= hmm LOVE i think... but Digi and Popcorn as well

*15. Fave PV?
= Happiness, Fukkatsu LOVE, Truth, Dont you get it, Endless game, Daylight (actually I love all the PVs ♥)

*16. Do you own any outfit similar to your ichiban's outfit?
=Unfortunately no.

*17. Given a chance you meet the boys, what will you tell them?            
 Well if I met them I think I wont be able to speak but this I would really love to tell them...

Nino- I really like your carefree and sarcasticly-funny way of seeing the world or problems. For someone like me, who is always worried even about small things I am really jealous of that.

Ohno- For me you are the most versatile talented artist of 21st century. And no, you are not that ordinary as you think you are. Please accept the fact you are amazing talented person  Ohno-san. Thank you for staying with Arashi.

Jun- Thank you for making amazing concerts. For someone like me who is not able to go to see you live it is great way how to see you perform. Even through PC I can feel like I am there with you and other fans. Only Arashi has this power.

Aiba- I wish I was always so cheerful and optimistic as you are. I wish to be that type of person who brings happiness and is always kind to others. I really adore you for that Aiba-kun.

Sho- I really respect you the most among Arashi. I am always amazed how many things you were able to accomplish. I adore your will power, ambitions and never giving up mind. You are inspiration for many young people.

*18. How will you celebrate the boys Anniversary this year?                  
hmm I still did not think of anything special , but I am sure I will watch cons and maybe rewatch PIKANCHI? but definitely I will spend that day fangirling and listening to Arashi songs...and I will post to tumblr, lj etc XD

yattaaa!! dekitaaaa!! ♥ so Arahi will turn 18 huh? I even dont relized it... I am happy that I did this small challenge. It was fun. I wont tag anybody. If somebody wants do it , douzo :)

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